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Japanese crab with a price of 5 million days breaks the world record

Original title: a Japanese crab sold for 5 million yen, breaking the Guinness World Record

In a flash, it's time to taste crabs again. A crab was sold for 5 million yen (321000 yuan) at an auction in Japan's ornithogawa County Tuesday, breaking the previous Guinness world record.

With the lifting of the 6-day ban on fishing, Japan's birdsong market has ushered in another crabs season, Kyodo News Agency reported Tuesday. At the auction held on the 7th in niaozhou port, the crab named "wuhuixing", the most advanced crab brand in niaozhou County, was sold for 5 million yen. Local authorities said the crab's bid price is also the highest known price in the world.

According to the Department of Fisheries in niaochuang County, due to the favorable climate last year and the sound development of the fishery, it is estimated that the fishing capacity allocated to the county will be exceeded. Since December 10, 2018, the size and quantity of crabs fishable in the county has been limited.

It is reported that in the first auction in 2018, crabs identified as "five auspicious stars" were auctioned at a high price of 2 million yen (about 128500 yuan), breaking the previous Guinness world record.