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Great changes will be brought about by the dissolution of the next general election announced by the

Original title: the British Parliament announced its dissolution, and various parties competed to open the election

The British Parliament announced its dissolution in the early hours of Saturday local time. British Prime Minister Johnson went to Buckingham Palace to meet with the queen on the same day. Then he returned to Downing Street and announced that a general election would be held on December 12. The five week campaign officially kicked off.

According to British media reports, the new lower house of Parliament will be established on December 12, while the seats in the upper house of Parliament will remain unchanged. The dissolution of Parliament resulted in the shortest parliamentary period in Britain since 1948. After Johnson applied to the queen to suspend Parliament, the lower house of Parliament did not open until October 14 and was dissolved after only 19 days.

A few days ago, after the parliament passed the early election bill, all parties rushed to open the first round of the campaign, announcing various guidelines on national affairs, especially the views and plans for brexit. Johnson once again promised to lead the UK out of Europe in the next few weeks. Johnson said it was "time to change the bleak landscape of the past three years" and wanted voters to elect a "moderate and sensible conservative government," the BBC reported. At present, the Conservative Party's support rate is about 36%, which is the highest among all parties.

The Labour Party, Britain's biggest opposition party, is close behind. According to the independent, labor leader Corbin said the party would make 'real changes' to share power and wealth with' people who don't have a lot of money, who don't have friends at the top '.

On Wednesday, the British Green Party also launched a campaign, calling the December 12 election a "climate election" and promising to invest £ 100 billion to deal with the climate crisis in the next decade. "The threat of brexit is hanging over us, there are climate emergencies from the Amazon to the Arctic, and our fragile democracy is under attack," said green party coalition leader Thain middot berry. '

Joe Middleton swinson, leader of the British Liberal Democratic Party, said that the general election will bring about 'major changes'. Both the Conservative Party and the Labor Party hope to achieve brexit through negotiations, and if the Liberal Democratic Party comes to power, it will withdraw brexit. Swinson said the Liberal Democratic Party is "the only party that stands up to prevent brexit and create a bright future for the UK.".

Some analysts believe that the previous brexit has made people resent both the Conservative Party and the labor party, which will also lead to the flow of votes to some small parties, and the suspension parliament may appear again. For the brexit process, this may be the last result people want to see.