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Elecjet P20 mobile power release supports PPS 45W bidirectional fast charging

With a skin friendly shell design, dianyou P20 has a large capacity of 20000mah and supports 45W PD fast charging at most. In addition to being able to charge mobile phones quickly, P20 can also charge devices such as switches and laptops. With the core technology of electronic jetsafe, the core algorithm of fast charge management and the exclusive power chip e3025a, as well as the exclusive customized pjet03 voltage regulator, the electronic P20 can bring extraordinary charging speed and efficiency.

Use the powerpal P20 to charge the Samsung note10 +, which can be charged up to 76% in 30 minutes. It only takes 2.5 hours to fill 20000mah from 0, while other products of the same type have obvious advantages. In addition, compared with the mobile power supply with the same power, the dianyou P20 has the advantages of small size and light weight.

In addition to P20, dianyou A5 also combines jetsafe technology with graphene composite fast charging core, bringing the Apollo series of products dianyou A5. The capacity of dianyou A5 is 5000mAh, and it takes only 18 minutes from 0 to 100%.

Before going out, users don't need to think about recharging the mobile phone first. They need only 18 minutes to fully charge the mobile power supply, so they can easily and conveniently recharge the power anytime, anywhere.

The third-generation Apollo product A5 under the authorization of dianyou electronics is launched exclusively on the whole network of the aircraft front network, and is expected to be available in early December. P20 is priced at 269 RMB in China, and users can purchase it through the official mall of the aircraft front at 0:00 on November 11, 2019. Meanwhile, the users of the aircraft front app can enjoy another 30 RMB cash back.