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Violent test of foreign bloggers pixel 4XL: the metal middle frame is easy to break

In the screen scratch test summary, there are scratches on the front glass of pixel 4XL in the scratch test of hardness level 6, and a large number of scratches under hardness level 7, showing normal performance.

The pixel 4 XL metal middle frame has good tenacity under the art knife, but the surface paint can be easily scraped off. It should be noted that the power key is made of plastic.

As for the glass back panel of pixel 4XL and the glass lens of the rear camera, they can withstand the attack of the art knife without injury.

In the classic lighter test, the pixel 4XL screen experienced 40 seconds of baking before discoloration, and after the burning stopped, it returned to normal without any problems.

As for the iconic bending test, pixel 4XL has some small problems in the bending test in the front and back directions. The metal condition near the back glass (rear camera) has broken. After applying force again, the frame at the similar position at the bottom has also broken, and the back glass is not damaged.

After scraping off the paint on the middle frame, Jerry rigeverything found that the broken part was the antenna strip area of the middle frame. It seems that Google has further room to improve the reliability of the fuselage design.