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Ren Zhengfei issues a post from HR Hu Ling of Huawei: reform needs still water and undercurrent

On November 5, last weekend, a post titled "R & D brothers, I'm sorry, I've tried my best - the real name is from 2012 human resources department", signed by HR Hu Ling of Huawei, exploded in various forums. Today, Huawei's Xinsheng community released Ren Zhengfei's note to issue the post.

The post tells us that when Hu Ling tried to improve the working environment and solve problems of R & D engineers in her HR position for several months, she found that the original HR team and leaders ran counter to her original responsibilities.

Among them, when the R & D staff work over 160 hours a month, the HR team leader only cares about how long of 160 hours is rowing; the leader eats the company's 200 piece pair of hairy crabs, but thinks that the R & D that gives advice to the canteen should be eliminated; when the 32-year-old R & D performance B + is dissuaded, the 40 year-old HR colleague goes to work to fish performance third even B is free. 'and so on.

It is reported that the post gained more than 800000 views before disappearing in the Xinsheng community.

Ren Zhengfei issued a note on the matter, saying:

1. Real name complaint is a good phenomenon of democratic management of the company. We should support and protect the parties, and the parties should adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts. The Xinsheng community is Rome square. You can fully express different opinions, discuss matters on the basis of facts and evidence. You can't imagine and guess. You should also pay attention to protecting the privacy of the respondent that has nothing to do with the company's business. The discussion of employees should be focused on the internal community, not output to the external community to interfere with the society, and people should also produce.

2. In the past 30 years, the company has developed from scratch to the forefront in the world. Our staff, especially R & D staff, are doing very well; our cadres and HR are also working very hard, which is the foundation. It is much more difficult for the blue army to attack only one point. The Red Army should take the overall situation into consideration, take into account all aspects, and attack and defend. For example, it's very difficult to pay 194000 people salaries, evaluate bonuses, allocate shares, adjust job grades, and carry out classified and graded assessment. Of course, it's also unfair. We need to think about the transposition. It's easy to find out one thing or one person's irrationality. It's a lot of thinking for the Red Army to solve the problem of overall balance. We should be tolerant and understand each other, and negotiate, communicate and adjust.

3. Our cadres and HR should also be open-minded, optimistic and pay attention to methods. In wartime, it is not advisable to have big waves, ups and downs, and billows. Reform should be carried out in still water.

The following is the original of "R & D brothers, I'm sorry, I tried my best - the real name comes from 2012 human resources department":

Hu Ling:

In February 2017, my master's degree was enrolled at 14 level. I came to Huawei with the dream of all engineering students that "engineers change the world" and became an optical engineer. By chance, he transferred to 2012 human resources department in April 2019 and became an 'employee vitality experience officer'.

I don't know how many times I have read the documents of the company involved in the "employee vitality experience officer". I am always thinking of making a voice for the R & D brothers, improving the company's engineer culture, finding problems and promoting problem solving. Leaders often tell me that the group I face is the 2.5W + R & D staff of 2012 laboratory, and I dare not slack off for a moment. Open your eyes every day and think about how to solve problems and improve the experience of R & D brothers.

From May to August, I made a series of attempts. Some of them were led or not, and some could be carried out. Use the public email to send all the emails, collect problems, and use Espace to reply one by one and solve one by one. I have only one person. I send all my emails once and receive more than 70 questions. It will take me one week to sort out the records. Because I only have level 14, many problems can't be pushed when they are solved, so I tried to apply for an Espace organization account of "2012 employee vitality experience" to hide my personal information. Leaders said that individual problems are too complex, administrative problems are too many, and problems in the field of human resources are too few. I also do it, but I only have one person. The experience officers of the second floor Institute and the research institute are all part-time. This part of work is not their main source of performance. I am considerate. So I never give them forced 'homework' to resist the pressure of the leaders. I'll do it. After all, I'm full-time. My time belongs to this post. I often say to the R & D brothers, 'every penny I earn is the food produced by the R & D brothers'. In a report written in July, he was awarded 500 yuan by the Department for his "doctor's living condition and appeal", and his job transfer performance was B +. By the end of July, I had received 193 questions, which helped to solve 100 +. The organization didn't approve of my way of working, so I suspended the collection of this part of routine problems.

Since August, my business with the 'experience officer' has been adjusted to the employee relationship group. The leader promised to find a helper for me, and one person couldn't do it. At the end of August, Gao Yan, a senior hr of the Western Research Institute, formally joined the team of "experience officer" as my partner. I'm very happy. Before I applied for help, I reported it to the higher authorities and secretly asked for help from the leader. He didn't blame me and promised me immediately.

I entered the employee relationship group and added a partner, but my enthusiasm was suddenly doused by a basin of cold water. After meeting for the first time, Gao Yan held a meeting with the clerk mm in a hurry, which is called division of labor. All the sub tasks involved in the post were either assigned to me or to the clerk mm. I suddenly realized that 'this elder sister is here to be the commander'. And after the meeting, she called Yang Ruifeng, the leader of employee relations group, to say that I was not suitable for this position and I was taking the job. I pick a job? I have been working alone for several months, without the support of clerks, and I have finished all the output and exploration alone. Do I need to pick a job? If I choose to work, can this post still be today? I have checked with Yang Ruifeng many times whether my relationship with Gao Yan is superior or inferior. If so, I have no opinion. He has made it clear that it is a cooperative relationship, regardless of superior or subordinate. Several times of communication didn't come to a good result. Finally, according to my work, I was responsible for seven special research projects in the second half of the year and participated in three in-depth investigations. She was responsible for the establishment of communication channels and the collection and solution of routine problems. What other mechanisms were set up to arrange everyone to work. We also had 15 part-time 'experience officers' from the Research Institute and the second tier Institute. I think it's OK. I don't know the whole picture of the work. It doesn't matter to me. I concentrate on special topics. Solving a problem is a problem. As long as I can improve the working experience of R & D brothers and improve everyone's efficiency, I can do anything. I am a R & D man. I know how hard R & D is and how limited my ability is. I didn't fight with my brothers side by side and dare not derelict my duties after I transferred. 2012 human resources department is located on f1-19th floor in Shenzhen, far away from gunfire and smoke. There are more than 30 hr, more than 40 clerks and more than 20 clerks supported by SSC. Every week, there is a democratic life meeting here. There are often activities and movies. The girls here are wearing beautiful dresses and 10cm hateful height.

I'm off topic, and I'll come back. Gao Yan is responsible for the collection of routine problems. This elder sister spent a month in seclusion and training, and wrote a working mechanism. I saw in the minutes of the meeting that her so-called established communication mechanism is to hand over my previous Espace account, and I, the clerk mm and her work together for three rounds, and then cooperate with the public mailbox for publicity. The core is no different from the way I used to operate. It's just three people in rotation. Considering that the previous Espace account is for my own use. There are many chat records on it, some of which are related to the supervisor's problems, and I have a promise with my employees that I will never show them to others, and I can't delete them one by one in a short time, so I discussed with Yang Ruifeng and Gao Yan whether I can apply for another public account. I still use this one myself. Yang Ruifeng disagreed in particular, saying that nothing can be made public except for my previous reply. I can't agree with you. I don't care about my privacy, but I have promised my R & D brother that I will never disclose his personal information to others. HR system has no credibility for a long time. I remember when Yang Ruifeng used to be my mentor, he inadvertently said, "we should see who is the person who feedback the problem. Every day, we have time to ponder about the shuttle canteen, just quit.". I was very surprised. When I collected the questions, most of my brothers reflected the canteen shuttle bus problems and asked me "are you ok? I say so". I think eating well is good for work. I clapped my chest to ensure that 'the wartime priority to meet the needs of soldiers, rest assured'. But now he wants my account password, how dare I give it? I always said, 'if you don't let me use it, I promise I won't use it once, OK? 'he still disagreed, saying that he could not submit the e-Flow to cancel the previous account. I can't help but reply one by one to the brothers' this account is about to be cancelled. If you have any questions, please contact Hu Ling 41265. Sorry for the inconvenience. '

Received a lot of replies, one of which made me cry 'this account can't be cancelled, as long as Hu Ling is still there, the staff experience is very good! '

Back to the topic, Gao Yan didn't let me get involved in other work of the experience officer, except for working for her like a clerk mm, so my work in the second half of the year was only a special report. I think it's the same if I do it well. What we are doing now is overtime insight. The next day is the report of performance management. Yang Ruifeng clapped his chest and told the leader that "BCM projects have been completed, and overtime data has been reduced for a long time. 'I'm very surprised. I haven't started the investigation yet. How can I talk nonsense? Through data analysis, we found that this year's overtime is much more serious than last year's, and it is still rising. Some time ago, something happened in a research institute. I was worried about my brothers' health. I hope it can help you and improve your condition. The people who worked overtime also analyzed and interviewed, and the teams who worked overtime also analyzed and interviewed 33 people in total, and I interviewed more than 20 people alone. The report has been written for a long time. He has kept it there for a long time.

Yang Ruifeng was still not satisfied and asked me to submit all the interview minutes and the list. Last week, in a question and answer session for the chief inspector of the HR examination, he said proudly that he had identified a problem: "some employees pretended to work overtime, went to the gym for exercise, returned to their positions at 8:40, pretended to work in the heat. This situation is called attendance fraud when it is small, and business fraud when it is large. "Don't underestimate the attendance data, as long as you dig carefully, you can dig out big problems here. 'but I don't think so. Brothers take their own rest time to work overtime free of charge. They don't give money or rest. Can't they exercise for a while? If not, why does the company build so many gyms? I don't agree to hand in the list, because there are several sensitive issues in the interview minutes. I have agreed with the interviewed brother: confidentiality. I said only the same: interview list or interview minutes. He didn't agree. We quarreled (20191018). At last, he left a sentence "think it over"