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Xiaomi cc9 Pro released: DxO of the first 100 million pixel camera reached the top

The Xiaomi cc9 Pro rear camera uses a 13mm-125mm full-length five shot, from top to bottom, 5 megapixel 10 times hybrid optical zoom lens, 12 megapixel 50mm human image lens, 100 megapixel 24mm wide-angle lens, 20 megapixel 13mm ultra wide-angle lens and independent macro lens, of which 100 megapixel ultra clear lens and 10 times hybrid optical zoom lens support OIS optical anti shake and support With laser focus, the combination of dual flash and dual soft light is adopted One of the most noteworthy is the 1080mp ultra clear lens customized by Samsung. The sensor of this lens is 1 / 1.33 inch, which supports 100 million pixel ultra-high-definition photos straight out of hardware. The sensor supports four in one pixels at the same time, and the noise is reduced by synthesizing 1.6 μ m large pixels under low light Because the "base" is too large, the usual 6p lens can't be completely covered in the past, so the main camera of millet cc9 Pro adopts 7p lens design, and the exclusive version uses 8p lens which is rare in the industry, which also greatly increases the volume of the main camera module, resulting in a thick fuselage of 9.67mm. In order to fill in the extra thickness brought by the main camera, the millet cc9 Pro is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 5260mah, and on this basis, the weight of the body is controlled at 208g, which is also a good result The screen size of Xiaomi cc9 Pro is 6.47 inches, and the resolution is FHD +. The screen is cop encapsulated, and the lower frame is only 3.43mm. In fact, this is Xiaomi's model with the narrowest lower frame except for mix alpha. The screen also supports the sun screen 2.0, and has obtained the German Rhine t? V low blue light certification. In addition, Xiaomi cc9 Pro is the first smart phone to use the ultra-thin screen optical fingerprint module.

In other hardware configuration, Xiaomi cc9 Pro is equipped with high pass snapdragon 730g processor with 8nm process technology, supplemented by 6GB + 128GB, 8 + 128GB and 8GB + 256gb storage configurations, which can realize 30W fast charging with full charge in 65 minutes and support multi-functional NFC functions In terms of final price, Xiaomi cc9 Pro 6GB + 128GB costs 2799 yuan, 8GB + 128GB costs 3099 yuan, 8GB + 256gb 8p lens exclusive edition costs 3499 yuan. The new product will be pre sold at 5:00 p.m. on November 5, and full channel online and offline on November 11.

Netease comments:

In a word, Xiaomi cc9 Pro has made remarkable achievements in photographing, and the performance of the five camera combination with 100 million pixels as the core is also impressive. Of course, it's a pity that it's only equipped with Xiaolong 730g processor and doesn't support 5g function. However, from the perspective of product positioning, CC series is aimed at those young and fashionable users who have core demands for photo taking experience. It's not like Xiaomi digital series or mix, which is the flagship of positioning.

Let's pay one cent for each product. This time, the price of Xiaomi's cc9 pro from 2799 yuan also conforms to the pricing strategy of Xiaomi's mobile phone. In Lei Jun's words, I hope to make friends with you.