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A new policy of electricity consumption has been implemented in Beijing since December

Original title: from next month, Beijing's' one family with more population 'will reduce the electricity charge! in order to improve the step-by-step electricity price system for residents, Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission recently officially issued the notice on issues related to the step-by-step electricity price of "one household with more than one population" for residents' living electricity, giving the step-by-step electricity price with more than six people (including) who implement the step-by-step electricity price system for residents with one household and one meter a preferential policy of 100 degrees per month.

At present, the price of electricity in Beijing is settled according to the gradient, and the price will be slightly higher for each level of gradient rise. Obviously, after applying for the policy of "one household with more population", the average monthly electricity consumption of the households with more population than the original level of electricity (240 degrees) will be reduced to varying degrees. Many families with large electricity consumption and large population can save a sum of electricity.

Suppose that the average monthly electricity consumption of a multi population household is 480 degrees, and the annual electricity consumption is 5760 degrees, because the step price is actually settled annually. According to the current electricity price (less than 1 kV voltage level), the annual electricity fee of this household is 2880 degrees 0.4883 yuan / degree + 1920 degrees x0.5383 yuan / degree + 960 degrees x0.7883 yuan / degree & asymp; 3197 yuan. If you apply for the implementation of "one household with more population" ladder power consumption, the annual electricity charge of this family is 4080 degrees x 0.4883 yuan / degree + 1680 degrees x 0.5383 yuan / degree & asymp; 2897 yuan.

Then, when the family applies for "one household with more population" ladder electricity, it can save 3197-2897 = 300 yuan of electricity every year. Of course, from the above calculation, it can be seen that if it is a family with a larger power consumption, it can increase 1200 kilowatt hours of electricity every year, which can save 360 yuan of electricity fee at most.

According to the relevant person in charge of the municipal development and Reform Commission, after the introduction of the multi population family ladder electricity policy, the city's residents ladder price policy has been further improved, and the water, electricity and gas ladder price has achieved the full coverage of preferential policies for more than six (including) multi population families in the city.

How to apply for the step-by-step electricity policy of "one household with more population"? The reporter of Beijing Youth Daily learned that State Grid Beijing electric power company has formulated the detailed rules for the implementation of the step-by-step electricity policy of "one household with more population" of Beijing residents (hereinafter referred to as the detailed rules). The residents' families meeting the policy conditions can apply to the nearby electric power business office. After receiving the application from the users of the residents' families, the electric power business office will inform the applicants of the audit results within 10 working days. The next month after passing the audit, the family can enjoy the electricity preference of "one household with more population".

For details, citizens can visit the website of State Grid Beijing electric power company for inquiry. If you have any questions about the specific identification and application process of the multi population family, you can call the customer service number 95598 of the electric power company for consultation at any time.