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603 people line up for 1.76 million yuan of space travel

Virgin Galactic will be listed on the US New York Stock Exchange next Monday, making it the world's first commercial manned space company to go public. The company is currently in the final flight test, and plans to make its first commercial flight next year. What is Virgin Galactic's commercial space travel like? It is reported that the Virgin Galactic spacecraft can carry up to six passengers and two pilots at a time. The spacecraft will be about 12.19 kilometers above, and passengers will float in weightlessness for about 10 minutes before returning to the ground. Such a relatively short-lived space trip costs about 250000 US dollars (1.766 million yuan) per person, and there are 603 customers waiting in line.

At present, space tourism is still in a 'new stage', but UBS group pointed out in a market report released in March that the potential market size in the next decade is expected to reach US $3 billion. At present, in addition to Virgin Galactic, there are many commercial companies around the world trying to take a share of the huge market prospects.