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Airpods Pro national version disassembly: excellent work!

When you see the front of the outer package, there is only one set of embossed effect picture of the middle earphone. The left earphone picture shows the detail outline of the outer side, and the right earphone picture shows the detail outline of the inner side. Such an arrangement creates a kind of confusion: it seems symmetrical and asymmetrical, and you always want to see more In terms of minimalism, apple is probably the best The back of the package is a little ordinary. The effect picture of the charging box is opened. The left and right earphones lie in the charging base bin. The airpods pro with wireless charging box printed in 6 Chinese characters is available in the lower left corner. The lower right corner has CE safety certification mark, which can be recycled. The mark and English printed address and phone information of Apple cannot be discarded at will The thickness of packaging is increased compared with the previous generation. In a word, the packaging box is also very "pro" There are three stickers on this side, two slim stickers on the left are arranged up and down, and one sticker on the right is close to the ratio of 4:3. Sticker information in the upper left corner: product name, wireless headset model: a2083 right ear, a2084 left ear (PS: first generation model: a1523 right ear, a1722 left ear; second generation model: a2031 right ear, a2032 left ear), mobile power supply model of headset box: a2190 (PS: first generation & second generation wired charging box model: a1602; second generation wireless charging box model: A193).

In the lower left corner, the information about headset compatibility is marked in Chinese and English. The compatibility is reflected in the apple eco device with the latest version of software installed. Airpods Pro is suitable for Qi certified chargers. We can use Qi Certified Wireless chargers to charge airpods Pro wirelessly.

Airpods pro with wireless charging box, designed by apple of California, made in China, model: a2083, a2084, a2190. Below the text is the barcode information of the product Package list: 1. Airpods pro with wireless charging box; 2. Usb-c to lightning connection cable (PS: usb-c to lightning connection cable (1 meter) costs 145 yuan on Apple's official website); 3. Regulatory compliance information manual, apple one year limited warranty summary manual, safety and operation manual, product use manual; 4. Additional s and l models of white silicone earplugs Close up of usb-c to lightning cable Close up of usb-c plug and lightning plug Close up of the front of the charging box. The charging box adopts a new size design. The front layout is consistent with the front layout of the second generation wireless charging box. There is a charging indicator in the middle. The pairing status flashes in white, the charging status displays red light for a short time and then goes out, and the charging box opens the cover to display and the pairing success displays green light Close up of the back of the charging box. This time, the airpods Pro metal hinge body straddles the upper cover and the lower part of the charging box, while the previous two generations of wired version and wireless version of the charging box hinge body are located at the lower part of the charging box. There is a pairing button at the bottom of the hinge. Actually, pairing can be realized through iPhone interface operation, without pressing the pairing button. This button can be used to pair Android devices Close up of the lightning charging port at the bottom of the charging box We use power-z km001c to conduct wired charging test on airpods pro, charging voltage: 5.038v, charging current: 0.366a We use power-z kt001 to conduct wireless charging test on airpods pro, charging voltage: 5.085v, charging current: 0.374a Internal text message on the top cover of the charging box: model: a2190, apple, made in China; input: 5V? 1a, output: 5V? 1a, rated capacity: 519mah (PS: input: 5.2v? 2.4a, output: 5V? 1a) Close up of inner metal hinge after opening the cover Close up of the charging metal shrapnel at the bottom of the headset compartment of the charging box The left and right earphones and charging boxes weigh 56.7g, which is similar to the official 56.4g The single weight of the charging box is 45.6g, which is consistent with the nominal 45.6g of the official website The left and right earphones weigh 10.7g, which is similar to the nominal 5.4 x 2 = 10.8g of the official website Close up of the two angles of the headset Close up of headphone external microphone opening The pressure relief hole of the headset adjusts the internal and external pressure difference to achieve pressure balance Close up of the charging bar contact at the bottom of the headset and the bar opening of the microphone. This time Apple integrated the microphone pick-up hole into the charging contact, further improving the appearance of the integration Close up of the optical sensor inside the headset Custom White Silicone earplug with dust screen cover Close up of earphone outlet, the outlet is oval, with large opening area, covered by dust cover, and the opening edge is a groove structure for fastening the silica gel earplug The pressure sensing area of the headset, which is equivalent to the noise reduction on / off / transparent mode / multifunction button.

Second, Apple's airpods Pro national version disassembles the lower shell of our separate charging box. It can be seen that the lower shell and the middle frame are connected by two rows of wires, which are respectively connected with the lightning interface and the wireless charging coil The cable arrangement of the lower shell is connected with the main board of the upper shell through the cable arrangement socket, which is reinforced with soft glue We remove the cable and completely separate the connection between the lower housing and the upper housing The key FPC at the rear of the lower housing and the wireless charging coil. The charging coil is attached to the inner wall with hard glue, even if it is removed, it is totally different The lightning interface inside the lower housing is reinforced by a protective screw wrapped in a metal housing fastener Close up of FPC side of LED indicator and lightning interface Close up of the other side of the LED indicator and the lightning interface FPC Close up of three color LED indicator The middle frame is similar to sandwich structure. We can see that the charging box is equipped with two batteries inside, and the main board is clamped in the middle The upper shell is divided into three parts: white upper cover, white earphone base and black internal fixed structure. The hinge of the upper cover is glued to the black middle frame The charging contact of the white earphone socket is connected to the main board with a flat cable, and is also reinforced with soft rubber. Let's separate the white earphone socket Close up of the positioning magnet used to fix the earphone inside the white earphone socket Close up of QR code information on the outer wall of the white headphone stand We speculate that this component is used to detect the opening and closing state of the charging box. It looks like a MEMS silicon microphone, and the component information is unknown The black internal fixing structure is fixed with a lithium polymer battery and a main board. The main board is fixed on the middle frame with soft glue. After removing the main board, the battery pasted on the middle frame with double-sided glue can be removed smoothly Close up of lithium polymer battery and main board Close up of the other side of the lithium polymer battery and the motherboard Close up of lithium polymer battery cable outlet. The front and back of the battery socket are covered with hard glue, which can't be removed, so it's only here Close up of independent protection circuit of lithium polymer battery, two batteries, each with one protection circuit. The IC on the protection board is also covered with translucent hard glue Information of rechargeable lithium polymer battery: model a2135, made in China, charging limit voltage: 4.35vdc, nominal voltage: 3.81vdc, rated capacity: 519mah (PS: total capacity of two lithium polymer batteries in parallel), from Xinwangda electronics Single lithium polymer battery capacity: 1.00wh, production date: August 2019 Close up of the front of the main board, the main board is covered with a large number of soft transparent waterproof adhesive, which can effectively increase the mechanical strength of the micro components on the main board, and achieve the purpose of protection Close up of the back of the motherboard NXP 610a3b kn3704 USB logic and charging IC Close up of NPO capacitance Silk screen SDG IC Screen printing 3dg5 IC Silk screen 3441apaf IC Screen printed t5as KDD IC Silk screen C 9ab IC Two TJ ICs Screen printing e + 8N IC Screen printing 96q201 IC Silk screen 120a bbmu IC Ti Texas Instruments? Bq25116a? Charge management IC The IC of the second screen printed 3441 APAF on the main board The IC of the second silk screen printed t5as KDD on the main board Screen printing P3w La IC Silk screen k5b c9a 11 IC Stm32l476mgy6 ultra-low power single chip microcomputer + floating point operation unit Stm32l476mgy6 data Broadcom 59356a2kubg wireless charging management IC Apple airpods Pro wireless charging box disassembly overview We continue to disassemble headphones on the principle that they can be disassembled (slightly damaged) and recovered as much as possible The cable of Apple H1 system in package is connected with the loudspeaker and battery unit of the head cover through the socket The headset is composed of three parts: head, handle and bottom cover The charging contact of the earphone bottom cover is connected with the FPC by welding We remove the cable of H1 system in package and separate the headset head. The inner part of the head cover includes battery, earphone unit, feedback microphone and other sensor components A comparison of the headset head size with a dollar coin Model cp1154 a3hoc button lithium battery, made in Germany, 3.7V This is the varta Valta button lithium battery built in Samsung Galaxy buses that we disassembled. The model is cp1254 A3, with a capacity of 0.2wh. The airport Pro button lithium battery is similar to cp1154 a3hoc, with a small size Inside the red frame are the positive and negative welding points of the headset battery This is the solder joint of the headphone unit We separate the button lithium battery inside the head cover. First, separate the two solder joints of the earphone unit and then remove the fixed soft glue on the periphery to remove the battery smoothly Remove the black plastic seal on the battery surface, and see that the button type lithium battery in the headset has a capacity of 0.16wh Let's look at the speaker unit on the head cover. The battery is fixed with a transparent plastic support Close up of optical sensor We then remove the speaker unit Speaker unit size compared to one dollar coin Close up of motion acceleration sensor An internal microphone is sandwiched between the loudspeaker diaphragm of the head cover and the loudspeaker outlet hole Close up of microphone unit and battery unit sub board in loudspeaker The Bluetooth antenna is connected to the coaxial connector of the H1 system package This is a special-shaped iron block of no small size. It is fixed with the magnet of the charging box, and the center of gravity of the earphone is adjusted so that the center of gravity is not too close to the outside or too close to the inside, playing the role of counterweight, and making the earphone more stable in the ear Close up of earphone shaped metal block Front view of backplane internal components. There are two MEMS silicon microphones and a force sensor on this side Back view of backplane internal components. This is a separate Bluetooth antenna for the headset Close up of the metal fixed structure of the force sensor Close up of the other side of the force sensor. Screen printing 234 939 gwm1 MEMS silicon wheat. All the silicon microphones in the earphone are of the same model Close up of system in package of Apple H1 Close up of the back of Apple's H1 system in package The comparison between the apple H1 package and the one dollar coin Speech recognition acceleration sensor from St semantic semiconductor helps to reduce noise in uplink calls, especially for wind noise and environmental noise The silk screen barely recognizes that mhek nyh7 comes from Bosch Bosch's motion acceleration sensor, which cooperates with the optical sensor to detect the user's wearing status Airpods Pro right headset disassembly overview Apple's airpods Pro wireless charging box and headset are disassembled.


This time, airpods Pro is equipped with three microphones: outgoing microphone (beamforming microphone), inward microphone and call microphone (beamforming microphone).

Its noise reduction principle is the same as that of the traditional headphones. The external microphone is the so-called feedforward microphone, which is responsible for collecting environmental noise. The internal microphone is the so-called feedback microphone, which is optimized through detection and listening. Both of them cooperate with the H1 package system with high integration and performance for real-time detection output, and the ultimate noise reduction effect is achieved.

Airpods Pro uses a new way of interaction with built-in forces