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Researchers say that space tourism is too expensive for most people

Original title: researchers talk about space tourism: there is no real commercial space tourism company in China

The most direct reason is that the cost is too high to bear. Recently, researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences talked about space tourism, saying that China has no real commercial space tourism company, and he hopes to buy tickets for space tourism as soon as possible.

Traveling in outer space should be a dream that many people can't imagine, but it also comes to people step by step with the progress of the times and the development of science and technology. As early as last year, the first space passenger in the world has been officially announced. As for how much and how little a space tourism cost, the details of the cost have not been disclosed yet, but the cost must not be low, at least tens of them Ten thousand dollars.

At the second Silk Road Commercial Aerospace conference held on October 31, researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences talked about space tourism. They believed that China does not have a real commercial space tourism company. They hope that China's commercial space tourism company can develop slowly and let the Chinese people buy tickets to the moon as soon as possible. But at present, the cost of space tourism is too expensive, According to the calculation of $10000 per kilogram, a 70 kilogram tourist will cost about $700000 to travel in space.

When researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences talked about space tourism, they also talked about the cost. According to researcher Wu Ji, space tourism must reduce the cost, but it first depends on technology to break through, including take-off and landing. Since 2015, China's relevant policies in the field of space are gradually opening up, which also brings a very good prospect for developing commercial space tourism in the future.

At present, the companies that can realize space tourism in the world have quite high tourism expenses. For example, SpaceX space tourism plan, the first space tourist confirmed at present, is the work of Japanese billionaire friend maesawa, who will invite 6-8 artists to go for free. In addition, in Virgin Galactic company, the space tourism expenses alone are as high as 250000 US dollars, about 1.75 million yuan.