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It is said that SamSung China will lay off one third of its employees: mainly in sales and marketing

On the afternoon of November 4, it was reported that Samsung Electronics would cut more than one third of its staff in China, and 11 branches and offices across the country would eventually be merged into five, mainly involving sales and marketing departments.

Samsung may cut more than one third of its workforce

This information comes from the Internet, and its authenticity remains to be verified. Although the informant didn't directly indicate which company it was, it was speculated that Samsung's company in China was based on the screenshot it released and information such as' 118 Jianguo Road, Beijing '.

Previously, Samsung officially shut down its third mobile phone factory in China, which is also Samsung's last mobile phone factory in China. In the second half of 2018, Samsung mobile accelerated its pace in the Chinese market. At the end of 2018, Quan Guixian, President of Samsung Electronics in Greater China, called out the slogan of Samsung mobile phone returning to China. But after a year, Samsung's market share in China is still around 1%.

(Su Hang)