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How is laxity after eating pears and drinking water

If the gastrointestinal function is normal, generally eating pears and drinking hot water will not have diarrhea, which varies from person to person

1. Some friends have a sense of defecation and diarrhea after eating pears and drinking water. Because pears contain high dietary fiber, pears with skin have higher dietary fiber. If the intestinal tract is full of water, peristalsis will accelerate. A large number of crude fibers in pears are stimulated by water, which accelerates gastrointestinal peristalsis and is prone to diarrhea.

2. Pear is rich in crude fiber, which has the advantages of cleaning digestive wall and enhancing digestive ability. In addition, pears are cool fruits and should not be eaten more. It is very beneficial to eat pears when constipation and defecation are difficult. However, if you suffer from diarrhea or weak spleen and stomach, eating more pears or drinking water immediately after eating pears will have a defecation effect, and diarrhea may occur.

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