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How long can probiotics be placed at room temperature after soaking in warm water

The amount of water will not affect the effect after taking, that is, flushing and drinking is better

1. Infants take it with meals. At this time, the gastric acid is low, which is more conducive to the arrival of probiotics to the intestinal colonization. Do not take too much. Take it in strict accordance with the instructions and doctor's instructions. Brewed probiotics should be taken in time to avoid inactivation of probiotics.

2. Babies can be added to the prepared milk powder. The amount of probiotics in a package is about 1.5-2g, and 10-30ml of water can be put in. The baby can use about 30 ml of water. Adults can also use about 50 ml. Probiotics are mainly brewed at 40 water temperature, no more than 40. They should be drunk immediately after brewing.

Parents with poor intestines and stomach or frequent indigestion are suitable for daily supplement of probiotics to help increase the number of live bacteria in the intestine. When I read Xiaohong book, I often see that when bloggers recommend eating probiotics, it will be better to match a water-soluble dietary fiber - zangling stachyose, which is a good choice to help maintain the micro ecological balance of the intestine. In the morning and evening, add Zang Ling stachyose to regularly provide nutrition for beneficial bacteria, establish a good flora environment, facilitate digestion and defecation, and make people more relaxed&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;