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43kg college students received 470000 donations. Thank you for letting yourself see the sun again

Original title: 24-year-old 43 Jin female college student received 470000 donations, wrote to thank: see the sun again, on October 30, in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, Wu Huayan, a 24-year-old college student weighing only 43 Jin, attracted widespread attention. In five days, she has received 470000 donations and received hundreds of calls in one day. She wrote a thank-you note in three days, saying it was like 'missing the sun in the dark'.


The Civil Affairs Bureau of Tongren, Guizhou Province starts the rescue procedure

Recently, the media reported that "24-year-old female college students weigh only 43 Jin". On October 30, Tongren Civil Affairs Bureau responded: in view of the current situation of the difficulties in the lives of his brother-in-law, the Civil Affairs Department launched the emergency rescue procedure, solved the emergency rescue fund of 20000 yuan, and will continue to track the living conditions of girls.

24 year old, 43 Jin, Junior Girl, only spent 2 yuan a day to save her brother

Wu Huayan, a 24-year-old junior, whose parents died early, lives with her sick brother. In order to take care of her younger brother, she is extremely thrifty. She spends only 2 yuan a day to buy food, which leads to long-term malnutrition. Today, she is only 1.35 meters tall and weighs only 43 Jin.