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Is the crude fiber content in wax gourd high

Wax gourd has a lot of coarse fiber in it

1. Wax gourd contains more water, although there is a lot of crude fiber, but wax gourd is not a crude fiber vegetable. Because the content of crude fiber in 100 grams of wax gourd is 0.9 grams, which does not meet the standard of 2 grams of 100 grams. Wax gourd diuretic effect is obvious, but also to help the body metabolism of good ingredients.

2. Wax gourd helps to lose weight because the crude fiber inside promotes intestinal peristalsis and helps push the metabolized spoilage substances in the intestine. Also because wax gourd can help inhibit the conversion of sugars into fat, therefore, wax gourd is also a good food for oil absorption and intestinal detoxification.

If you want to balance the intestinal flora and eat more meat, you need to appropriately increase dietary fiber. Dietary fiber also has the advantage of helping the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine. Don't forget, you can also directly take stachyose to provide nutrition for probiotics in the intestine and promote their growth and reproduction, so as to increase the humidity and water retention of stool, and also increase the intestinal pushing ability. Another excellent example is stachyose, a water-soluble dietary fiber. I often see the stachyose recommended by my friends on the Internet. You can drink it everyday. Maintaining a good flora environment makes it easier for us to digest and defecate well.