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Eat probiotics on diarrhea still continue to eat

Can continue to eat, you can also adjust the dosage under the guidance of the doctor

1. Combined with their own gastrointestinal conditions before taking probiotics, some of them have accumulated garbage in the intestines, such as Subian. After taking the medicine, the intestinal peristalsis accelerates, and the sense of defecation will also be strong. The frequent defecation or sparse defecation is also a reaction after use. You can continue to take it for observation.

2. Especially at the beginning of probiotics supplement, diarrhea and other discomfort will be aggravated. Probiotics itself will not stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa, probiotics on the meal, mixed with food into the gut. After taking probiotics, a large number of strains are injected into the intestinal tract. These probiotics are more active in the intestinal tract, and can also promote the acceleration of intestinal peristalsis and diarrhea.

Parents with poor stomach or frequent indigestion are suitable for daily supplement of probiotics to help increase the number of live bacteria in the intestine. When Xiaobian visited xiaohongshu, he often saw bloggers recommend that when eating probiotics, it would be better to match it with a kind of water-soluble dietary fiber - zangling stachyose, which helps maintain the intestinal microecological balance. Add zangling stachyose in the morning and evening, regularly provide nutrition for beneficial bacteria, establish a good flora environment, good digestion and defecation, people are more relaxed.