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Can you drink water immediately after eating probiotics

If the water temperature is not high, you can drink water immediately after eating probiotics

1. Probiotics and drinking water are not contradictory or conflict, but live bacteria preparation can not drink water with higher water temperature at the same time. Don't exceed 40 degrees. It's better to keep about 37 degrees. If it is eating or drinking hot soup, then the interval is about half an hour.

2. Probiotics capsules can be swallowed, powder bags can be taken with warm water. When taking probiotics, if it is probiotics lyophilized powder, you can drink more water to help promote intestinal peristalsis, also can help discharge the garbage toxins in the intestinal tract.

Parents with poor stomach or frequent indigestion are suitable for daily supplement of probiotics to help increase the number of live bacteria in the intestine. When Xiaobian visited xiaohongshu, he often saw bloggers recommend that when eating probiotics, it would be better to match it with a kind of water-soluble dietary fiber - zangling stachyose, which helps maintain the intestinal microecological balance. Add zangling stachyose in the morning and evening, regularly provide nutrition for beneficial bacteria, establish a good flora environment, good digestion and defecation, people are more relaxed.