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700000 Chinese painting express damages only 300 yuan, responding that the party is not insured

Original title: the value of '700000' Chinese painting was damaged by express delivery company: only 300 yuan can be compensated for the uninsured price

The picture is worth 700000 yuan. The express broke the picture and only paid 300 yuan for it? 'Ms. Deng, a citizen of Chengdu, recently sent a group of famous painters' paintings to Chengdu, but the express package of one of the paintings left her speechless. The Pu tube of the package painting was broken into two sections, one of which contained a slightly distorted traditional Chinese painting, while the lower left corner of the painting was not only a big loss Block, there are two holes in the middle, which cannot be repaired.

Finally, the express company said that because Ms. Deng didn't insure the express, she could only pay 300 yuan. However, the reporter then visited various express companies and learned that even if they choose to insure, it is difficult to reach the actual price of valuables. Most express companies have a maximum price of 30000 yuan.

700000 paintings by citizen Express

It's a dime less

Express delivery has been integrated into the life of the citizens. However, the express delivery sent on October 8 this year annoyed Ms. Deng, a citizen of Chengdu.

Recently, the reporter found Ms. Deng in an old community in Qingyang District. Entering the courtyard, the antique architectural decoration and various calligraphy and paintings came into view. After making a pot of tea, Ms. Deng described the story to the reporter.

In October this year, Luo Jiakuan, a painter, was to hold an exhibition in Chengdu. She sent more than 100 paintings to Chengdu from Beijing. She had sent many paintings by express delivery before, and every time she had Pu management protection, so this time she didn't think much about it. She sent these paintings without insurance. According to what she said, when the courier learned that the express delivery was a traditional Chinese painting, he began to distribute the goods without asking. 'even if the price is guaranteed, it's useless. It's only a few thousand yuan. The courier still doesn't accept it after the price is guaranteed. 'said Ms. Deng helplessly.

However, after receiving the express delivery on October 12, the packaging of a painting made her silly: the Pu tube protecting the painting was disconnected, and the painting inside was not only missing a corner, but also punched two holes in the middle. 'it's six feet long. It's going to cost 700000 yuan on the market. 'Ms. Deng told reporters that the incomplete painting corner can't be found now, so there is no way to repair the whole painting.

She also expressed great indignation at the delivery of Yuantong express. 'I was in Beijing at the beginning because Yuantong was able to enter our community and felt it was convenient to choose. I didn't expect to encounter this kind of thing. 'Ms. Deng said that within 10 days after reflecting the problem, the other party didn't come up with a substantive solution,' it was me who took the initiative to call, but they kept saying that they were reflecting the situation. '

Express only pays 300 yuan

Lawyer: the express delivery party shall pay the full amount in case of major fault

On October 28, after communicating with Yuantong express, Ms. Deng told reporters that the other side was only willing to compensate 300 yuan. And she was obviously not satisfied with the result. 'it's absolutely unacceptable to pay for such expensive paintings. '

On the same day, the person in charge of Yuantong express in Sichuan told reporters that the reason for paying only 300 yuan was that Ms. Deng didn't insure the price of express goods. He said that according to the company's regulations, if there is any damage to the value of the uninsured goods, only hundreds of yuan can be compensated. 'as far as I know, this is the case for most express companies. If there is insurance, they will make compensation according to the agreement. '

In response to this matter, CHEN Ye, the director of Chongqing Kangyu law firm, was contacted by telephone. CHEN Ye said that if the goods were insured during express delivery, compensation should be made according to the insured value, and if there was no insurance, compensation should be made according to the general goods. It is suggested that consumers must carry out insurance during express delivery of high-value goods, so that in case of damage to the goods In this case, we can avoid our own losses.

He further said that the above-mentioned situation is only limited to the accidental damage of express delivery. If the express delivery company has gross negligence, such as intentionally damaging or destroying the express delivery, the consumer should get compensation equal to the value of the goods. He suggested that consumers should actively negotiate with express companies to solve the problem.

Most of the premium limit of valuables express delivery is 30000 yuan

Some couriers even refuse

In fact, the express transportation of valuables has always been a headache for express companies.

Yuantong Sichuan's relevant person in charge revealed that if the value of the insured express goods is particularly large, some couriers will even reject them. 'the cost of insuring itself is only a few hundred yuan. If a hundred thousand things are damaged, the courier can't bear it. The reporter inquired the relevant webpage of Yuantong and learned that the maximum insured price of Yuantong is 30000 yuan. In addition, the goods whose real value cannot be verified belong to the scope of uninsured price, 'but they are also ambiguous. In principle, our internal regulations on the express delivery of high-value goods are to remind the other party of the insured price. '

On the official websites of other express companies, except for SF express, most of them have a price limit. However, the reporter then asked several major express companies about the insurance price of calligraphy and painting transportation. In terms of the maximum insurance amount, the proportion of premium, and whether it can be transported, each express company is different. Some express outlets are different, and there are different opinions.

Shentong told reporters that the highest insured price is 10000 yuan, and the premium is charged at a rate of 3%. If there is no insured price, the freight will be compensated if there is any damage in the transportation.

When the reporter called a branch of Chengdu Zhongtong, the other side said that the highest insured price was 5000 yuan, 2% of the premium was charged, and 5 times of the freight was paid if there was no insured price. Baishi express a branch salesman told reporters that their premium ratio is 1%, there is no maximum limit, but generally too expensive will not receive and send, so there is no problem of maximum insurance price.

The person in charge of a branch of Yuantong in Qingyang District told the reporter that the maximum insured price is 30000 yuan and 6% of the premium is collected. However, it is worth noting that there are different opinions about express delivery in a branch of Yuantong Jinjiang District. When the reporter asked whether 700000 words and paintings could be insured, the other side said they could. "The general insured price is 30000 yuan, and the premium is 2%. You have a large amount, and you will be charged one thousandth of it, a total of 700 yuan. '

The relevant person in charge of SF express said that the company has corresponding handling methods for valuables. For items with a price of more than '500000 yuan, the courier should apply to the company for filing, but we usually pass. '

Industry statement: the insurance price is not standardized because the insurance companies are different

Private express companies can reject express delivery

In addition, the insurance service standards of various express companies are different. Xu Yong, the chief consultant of express logistics consulting network, explained: 'the insurance business is not done by the express companies themselves, but cooperates with the insurance companies. Unlike the insurance companies, the natural standards and fees are different. '

As for the rejection issue, another industry source said that according to relevant laws, only postal companies must send Legal Express articles. But at present, most of the express companies on the market are private enterprises, so these companies can reject express delivery. "This is a kind of market behavior. When express companies cannot guarantee the safe delivery of goods, rejection is normal. '

However, from the past cases, even the insured consumers' rights and interests may not be properly protected.

In 2018, Mr. Liu of Nanning entrusted Debang logistics to deliver a batch of porcelain worth 3 million yuan from Chengdu, Sichuan Province. In order to make the express company pay attention to its own goods, Mr. Liu specially insured the porcelain for 20000 yuan. As a result, when the porcelain was delivered to the designated place, the recipient opened it and found that none of the five porcelain pieces was complete, all of them were complete It broke into pieces. After that, Debang staff also said that according to the principle of "no loss, no damage", the company can make no compensation at all, but does not want to make customers suffer too much loss, so the maximum compensation is 20000 yuan.

In addition to Sichuan, there is such a situation all over the country. Also in 2018, a lady from Fujian Ruian sent 24 lipsticks worth about 5000 yuan to Fujian with Shunfeng. At that time, the price was also guaranteed at 1000 yuan. As a result, 23 lipsticks were scratched and damaged even though the cartons were not damaged when they arrived. In the subsequent negotiation, Shunfeng customer service center determined that the cartons were not damaged, and only the salesman could make compensation. Finally, the salesman compensated 800 yuan.

Xu Yong told reporters that because most express companies are worried about sending valuables, he suggested that if there is such a demand, the best choice is to choose a professional express company and protect the price. "In Europe and the United States, many people even choose to deliver valuables themselves, which is also a choice for us. '