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Probiotics powder does not open, how does not dissolve to return a responsibility

It may be the influence of brewing water temperature, but also consider the probiotic products themselves

1. It should be ruled out that some probiotic products need to add other ingredients, which makes it feel that brewing is not suitable for dissolution and easy to block. Brewing probiotics requires water temperature, and the higher the water temperature, the inactivation of probiotics will occur. Some friends also said that probiotics made in cold water are easy to agglomerate and not easy to dissolve, so they need to be stirred.

2. The water temperature for brewing probiotics is generally lower than 40 ℃ and better at about 37 ℃. In general, probiotics are used to regulate gastrointestinal discomfort, especially in infants. If you brew probiotics with too cold water in the morning, it will also stimulate the stomach. Some sensitive stomachs have diarrhea after drinking cold water.

Parents with poor stomach or frequent indigestion are suitable for daily supplement of probiotics to help increase the number of live bacteria in the intestine. When Xiaobian visited xiaohongshu, he often saw bloggers recommend that when eating probiotics, it would be better to match it with a kind of water-soluble dietary fiber - zangling stachyose, which helps maintain the intestinal microecological balance. Add zangling stachyose in the morning and evening, regularly provide nutrition for beneficial bacteria, establish a good flora environment, good digestion and defecation, people are more relaxed.