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Does dietary fiber drink before going to bed at night lead to obesity

Generally, they don't get fat

1. Dietary fiber, whether soluble or insoluble, contains little energy. Eating the right amount of dietary fiber will not lead to weight gain. Moreover, dietary fiber, such as coarse cereals, fruits and vegetables, can also help break down oil and accelerate intestinal metabolism. Eating dietary fiber powder before meals can cause satiety, reduce appetite and other food intake.

2. Dietary fiber is ubiquitous in plants. We eat fruits and vegetables every day, but the content is different. After eating dietary fiber, it can slow down the speed of food from stomach to intestine, absorb and expand, help to produce a sense of satiety and reduce food intake. Regular consumption of dietary fiber will not lead to obesity, because dietary fiber itself will not be absorbed by the gut.

In order to balance the diet structure, it is necessary to increase dietary fiber appropriately when eating more refined rice noodles. Dietary fiber also has the advantage of helping the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine. Don't forget, you can also take stachyose directly to provide nutrition for probiotics in the intestine, promote their growth and reproduction, thus increasing the humidity and water retention of stool, and increasing the intestinal pushing ability. Another excellent example is stachyose, a water-soluble dietary fiber. I often see the stachyose recommended by my friends on the Internet. You can drink it everyday. Maintaining a good flora environment makes it easier for us to digest and defecate well.