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Does everyone need dietary fiber

According to the individual's diet structure, it is necessary to supplement it appropriately

1. The benefits of dietary fiber must be clear to everyone. Dietary fiber supplement can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis metabolism, accelerate the metabolic absorption of food, and reduce the residence time of toxic and harmful metabolic wastes in the intestine. Dietary fiber is also a nutrient without nutrition. As a passer-by in the intestine, it does not provide energy and heat, and uses feces to promote it in time.

2. All fruits and vegetables contain dietary fiber, but in different amounts. Adults can use about 25g ~ 35g every day. Dietary fiber extracted from fresh vegetables and fruits is more convenient and safe, and can also help participate in digestion. Especially the daily sedentary or take away food and greasy delicate diet structure need to supplement dietary fiber.

Parents with poor intestines and stomach or frequent indigestion are suitable for daily dietary fiber supplement to help increase the number of live bacteria in the intestines. When Xiaobian visited xiaohongshu, he often saw bloggers recommend eating a kind of water-soluble dietary fiber - zangling stachyose, which is a good choice to help maintain the intestinal microecological balance. Add zangling stachyose in the morning and evening, regularly provide nutrition for beneficial bacteria, establish a good flora environment, good digestion and defecation, people are more relaxed.