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It's better for the king to honor these skin. It's no different from the original skin

The king's glory skin is one of the reasons why many players like and play. But there are also some skin changes that are really better than not, which is no different from the original one.

[Zhuge Liang & middot; Star flight commander]

This skin is Zhuge Liang's companion skin. Most of the associated skin has no special effects. At most, the skill color has changed. However, this skin of Zhuge Liang is not different from the original skin. In the game, it is just a hat more than the original skin. There is no other big difference. Players who change this skin really suffer a loss. It's better to buy one yourself!

Goddess of the Nile

This skin is also the companion skin of Nuwa. The early damage of Nu Wa is not high, but the hero is disgusting, the support speed is fast, and the most important thing is that the vision is very wide. Originally, the main color of Nuwa is yellow, and this skin also uses this color. It's really no difference. Fortunately, the warring system is updated, and Nuwa has a beautiful new skin.

Eight commandments

There's no other skin for Bajie. The skin with more than one year's skin is similar to that of Zhuge Liang. He just takes an extra hat. The biggest gap in the game is here. There's no difference in the rest.

[Zhen Ji & middot; snow Waltz]

Whether the players bought this skin or changed this skin, they all died of loss. The price of this skin is not only expensive, the special effects are no different, the characters in the game have no change, it can be said that it is the most loss of a skin.

[a Ke's several kinds of skin]

Ah Ke's skin may be the most deficient skin in the game. Because of the hero's skill, the designer can't design any obvious skill effects, but I believe the designer can improve it soon.

The skin of these heroes, we can not change it, it is really too similar, there is no difference.