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The king's glory, the unpopular hero also can hit the injury, Cao Cao Mozi Zhang Fei can be on the l

Because Cao Cao is a very cold warrior, the ability to recover blood of the big move is not very obvious, so in the previous changes, a very good effect has been added. Cao Cao can restore his own blood at the moment of opening the big move. Combined with his own blood sucking effect, he can instantly change from a residual blood hero to a full blood. It is this kind of ability that makes Cao Cao not need to return to the city frequently, which also avoids wasting a lot of his economy.

Mozi is a master with excellent control ability. He has control in all three skills, and has a repulsion effect after triggering passivity. Mozi's control ability is not only very strong, but also can play a lot of damage. In the group war, he can constantly use his two skills to consume the enemy's blood, which makes the enemy have no ability to take over the team, and has put the advantage in his own hands before the group war begins.

Zhang Fei's best skill is his shield skill. He can not only add a shield for himself, but also add a shield for the crispy hero around him. When Zhang Fei releases a big move, not only his volume and health value will increase, but also his shield effect can be significantly enhanced. This effect makes Zhang Fei able to bear a lot of damage in the game, even in the face of many people's siege can not kill it. As long as there is Zhang Fei, the hero who bears the most in the whole match is Zhang Fei.

Crazy iron is now a relatively cold warrior in this version, rarely see this hero in the low rank duel. Crazy iron's ability to recover blood is excellent, and it is this ability that makes it have a great advantage in singles. And crazy iron in the release of two skills after the ordinary attack can also fly the enemy, but also can successfully play their own combo. Crazy iron's big move can also add a lot of health shield for himself, so that this special crispy warrior can also bear a lot of damage.