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Will the third seed of LPL enter the S9 competition directly without taking part in the S9 global fi

Recently, gamepedia, a foreign website, released a description of the entry of LPL teams into the s game rules in 2019. According to the statement, the champion of the summer competition will automatically obtain the qualification of the first seed of the s competition, and the team with the most accumulated points in the whole year of 2019 (except the summer champion) can also directly enter the competition as the No.2 seed in the LPL division; The team that wins in the bubbling competition of the division qualification will directly enter the main race as the No. 3 seed, instead of participating in the shortlisted competition of S9 global finals.

Of course, we can release this news for the moment before the official fist rules are released. However, it is worth mentioning that in recent years, the third seed of Lck Division has entered the main race directly without playing the shortlist of s World Cup. For example, the third seed SSG team of Lck in the S7 season; and the third seed gen.g. of Lck in S8 season.

But in fact, the fist is not based on the previous year's champion, which determines that the third seed in the next year's championship area does not need to participate in the shortlist but directly enters the main race. It's based on the fact that Lck Division has won so many champions in the s World Championships.

However, why do foreign websites have such speculation? This is still to say that our LPL division won a grand slam in the S8 season. Because if the fist really depends on the performance of more than one champion and the rules, then one s world champion is not enough. But the Grand Slam is different. In a complete S8 season, our LPL division won the MSI, the Asian Games and the S8 global finals. Under such achievements, it is very likely that LPL No. 3 seed will enter the competition directly this year.

Of course, if it is because this can let the third seed of LPL division directly enter the main match of S9 global finals. Then, Ig, RNG, we, RW and EDG have contributed a lot. After all, the s world is a competition between divisions. Every LPL division of the team should contribute their own strength.

But in the end, it's just a guess. All the rules of S9 global finals should be issued by the official fist. So, in our LPL division, in this year's S9 global finals, can the No. 3 seed be directly qualified to enter the competition? Let's wait and see!