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How to play high-end game to score? Three essential consciousness

1: Awareness of playing buff

King of this game, there are many heroes are suitable for quick combat and quick decision, the early and medium-term advantages are obvious. If the enemy chooses this kind of hero, or chooses a strong auxiliary hero in the early stage, such as Dong Huang Tai Yi, he will often invade my wild area and steal buff at the beginning of the game. Many wild heroes are relatively fragile in the early stage, basically after sweeping their own wild area to ensure level 4, they can bring rhythm to their teammates. However, if the buff is stolen by the enemy in the early stage, it will directly slow down the overall development speed of the family. At the beginning of the game, if you choose red buff to start the game, then the single hero should be optimistic about the blue, and the auxiliary hero should go into the river as much as possible, give more vision to the wild hero, and prevent the enemy's strong anti red buff.

If the enemy has a clear intention of anti blue, send a signal to the hero on the road immediately. If the enemy once strong anti blue, the single hero to keep the life of the premise, as much as possible to fight the field and on the road. If the number of enemy's anti field is large and it is clear that playing field is also involved in anti field, timely signal the team-mates to reverse the enemy's field area to recover the loss. If the enemy is strong against the red, the hero of Zhongdan should support quickly. If the opponent is also involved in anti red, then the hero on the road can also choose to steal the opponent's red buff. 'changing field' is very common in qualifying, which is based on the consciousness of teammates. If the buff is stolen by the opponent on the field, it is very difficult to invade the opponent's wild area or capture people if they can't reach level 4. Only by eating the teammate's line to reach level 4, this will slow down the development of online heroes. So, it's important to be aware of your team-mates at the start. If you find your teammates unconscious, signal as much as possible.

2、 Conscious support on the way

Some heroes on the road are close attack, such as Arthur and Cheng Yaojin. When the shooter position and auxiliary position of the other side are suppressed at the same time, the hero on the road will often lose one blood. Therefore, the heroes on the road usually choose the indecent development under the tower in the early stage. In fact, the indecent development of heroes on the road is to give the single hero a chance to take blood. Zhongdan is generally a mage hero. Many mage heroes have control skills, such as Wang Zhaojun and Zhen Ji. After the middle road finishes the first wave of soldiers, he can reach level 2. At this time, he can support the hero on the road according to the situation. However, it is worth noting that if the second and third wave of troops are followed, we should prevent them from attacking the wild. Because after the first wave of soldiers line up, the fighting field only takes the red area field, which is not too strong, and generally does not choose to capture people, but chooses to quickly sweep away the blue area field. However, if the enemy chooses the fast-moving heroes like nakolulu, the second or third wave of soldiers may catch people in the river. Therefore, we should pay attention to the timing of support.

3、 Auxiliary wandering consciousness

As I have just said, it is not necessary to choose to follow the shooter all the time at the beginning of the game, because the shooter's attack range is far in the early stage, and the self-protection ability is relatively strong. Assist in the beginning of the game, it is recommended to follow the wild. If the wild hero chooses some heroes who are slow to fight in the early stage, the assistant can follow the hero, which can not only ensure the survival of the hero, but also speed up the fighting speed. If the wild hero is quick to clear the field, you can choose to give more field of view to the shooting field and shooter in the river. The first tyrant of the beginning, the auxiliary conscious can defend. If the enemy fights against the tyrant alone, he can choose to harass. It is also common to find tyrants.