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The way to become infected after tomorrow depends on skill

Now there is a new way to play, that is to become infected body, many players can't wait to try, but it's not easy, do you want to know how to change?

Can't become infected?

A player shared his experience and tried it three times in a row, but failed to become an infected body. Instead, he turned into a backpack. What's going on? In fact, there are three prerequisites for becoming an infectious body. First, the health value should be low enough, and it is best to reduce it to 0, Secondly, in the stage of infection spreading and severe infection, neither mild infection nor moderate infection can become infectious body. This player may have forgotten this point; thirdly, the camp can not be changed. Some players try to become infected bodies in the manor, but they only become a backpack.

Quickly reduce health value

In the stage of severe infection, if you want to become an infectious body, you have to reduce the health value to 0. There is also a shortcut to quickly reduce the health value. The most suitable place to become an infectious body is in the Maosi marsh, where there is infection gas at night, and the health value decreases faster. Other pictures have to wait for rain or bad weather. Because the water body is polluted, it will also decrease in the water However, the health value can only be reduced to about 60 points at most. Next, you can find the infected person with poisonous gas. The health value around him will continue to decline. When attacked by the infected person, his health and health will also decrease. When the health value is reduced to 0, immediately find a safe place and change to the ground. Otherwise, it will become an infectious body and may be cleaned up by other survivors along the way.

The shape of infected body was random

After falling to the ground, there will not be backpacks in place, but an infected body will appear. The specific infection body is random. Last time Haotian became a fat infected body. This time, he became a lumberjack. All of them are infectious bodies with special skills. The fat man can explode, the woodcutter can go into the water. There are also players in the same room. He has changed his body several times, and the result is the room It is filled with infected bodies, and successfully transformed into infected bodies, and the spies of the survivors are inserted into the infected persons.

Will not take the initiative to attack

Although the infected body is infected, it still regards itself as a human being and will not attack the survivors actively. However, when they are attacked, they will take the initiative to fight back. The level of the infected body is determined by the battle level of the infected survivor. After being knocked down, the infected body can pick up the materials dropped before. When the survivor enters the door, he is startled by Haotian's infectious body, Two direct howitzers knocked down the infected body.

Have you ever successfully transformed into an infected body? What kind of infective body will eventually become? Some players say they have become lazarov. Do you believe it?