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How to use the power grid after tomorrow will you use the floor grid

How to use the floor grid after tomorrow is still unclear to many small partners. Today, I will explain how to use this powerful weapon.

Although the power of the floor grid is relatively strong, it needs to be noted that it is easy to be damaged. If it is damaged, then the floor grid will not work. At this time, what we have to do is stand near the intruder and use ourselves as bait to attract the attention of monsters. Then when they rush to you, we line up and fall to the ground, and then the floor It's time for the power grid to work.

After queuing up to enter the manor, we only need to let them step into the floor grid, which can cause stiffness. At this time, we can shoot them again and kill them.

The above is the whole content of the use skills of the floor grid after tomorrow, I hope it will help you.