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Restart investigation mission after tomorrow

In the new mission, the investigation task was restarted, and new changes were made to the task. After the change, many players praised it, which was much more convenient than before.

New changes in investigation task level

In the last infection investigation task, it was divided into basic research and in-depth investigation. Basic research can obtain ordinary treasure map and new coin reward, and in-depth investigation can obtain high-level treasure map and new currency, so that leopard head players can also feel the feeling of opening high-level treasure. However, there are new changes this time. The investigation task is divided into B, a, s three levels from low level to high level, and the lowest level is level B After the completion of the infection investigation task, we can obtain new coins and common treasure map. After completing the A-level infection investigation task, we can obtain two semi-finished products: new currency and common treasure map. After completing the S-level infection investigation, we can obtain high-level treasure map, new currency and 2 semi-finished products.

Reward change rules

The reward of infection investigation task is determined by two factors. The first is the map level. The higher the map level of the investigation task is, the richer the reward is. The other is the task level. The highest reward for S-level infection investigation task is naturally the S-level infection investigation task of santoponi. However, due to the random refresh of the task, there are only two free refresh opportunities, so Haotian The suggestion is the same as last time. It is very difficult to meet the task of S-level top-level chart. If you encounter the task of high-level chart or S-level survey, don't miss it.

As for the semi-finished products of Grade A and level s, Haotian thinks that it may also be related to the task map. In addition to the semi-finished products, don't forget the treasure map. After finding the treasure chest with the treasure map, you can get some special materials and corresponding map materials by opening the treasure map. The ordinary treasure map will get 600 new coins and high-level collection Baotu will get 1000 gold bars.

Mission difficulty reduced

In addition, the difficulty of the task has also been reduced. Although there is no clear explanation on the infection investigation, Haotian remembers that the difficulty of the last in-depth investigation was more difficult than the current S-level infection investigation, but the reward was no different. At that time, one of the necessary conditions for completing the in-depth investigation was 120 anesthetics. Now, there is no need for Grade B infection investigation, 30 for A-level infection survey and 60 for S-level infection investigation, The time to collect resources is much shorter.

It's more convenient to finish the task

In the last infection investigation, although it can also be completed at home, the person's submission materials must be in the backpack. This time, as long as you are in the manor or backpack, you can directly submit materials at home to complete the infection investigation task. The level directly changes the materials at home into new coins, semi-finished products and treasure map. Generally, these materials are stored in the manor, and the task is similar Get the reward and finish it easily at home.