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The inscriptions on Daji's black half meat package can also kill the crispy skin with meat

In the glory of the king, we all know that the higher the mage's Dharma power is, the more skill damage in the game will hurt the blood. Therefore, Xiaobian has tested the highest Dharma strength, but the level of magic attack on different hero's attribute points will be different. Xiaobian chooses Daji as the test object, which is called Daji as a cute girl. I believe many players like to play with her!

The fourth picture below is the skill damage bonus of the above figure. It can be seen that Daji's big move damage explosion in the game. Only one big move on the ADC will not die or be disabled. Xiaobian this time is only a test of the king's glory. It only tests the magic strength. It is not reasonable to put on the equipment. It can be done according to the preferences of the players and according to the enemy heroes in the game

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Xiaobian recommends the loading in the game:

King's glory second crisp leather suit: boots of secret method + staff of reverberation + anger of erudite + staff of emptiness and impossibility + book of sage and brilliant moon. In the early stage, it can be changed into speed shifting boots, catching people with rhythm, and taking teammates with them in minutes.

The king's glory is dressed in meat: feet of shadow and tolerance + Holy Grail + book of devouring God + mask of pain + anger of erudite + book of sage.

Speaking of playing meat, can you make complaints about the outfit?