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Yin Yang division fighting skills for the control flow of these lineups, please accept

Many players like fighting skills very much, but when they encounter control flow, they are really upset. They can play you for 20 minutes, which wastes your time and makes you upset. Here are some ways to play control flow.

There are no more than a few types of fighting skills. Most normal players like to attack the stream quickly. It is a problem whether you or I are dead. It will not consume each other. Everyone's time is very precious. There are only two hours of fighting skill in a noon. Of course, there are some psychological comparison BT, a little bit more like meat flow, control flow, anti control flow. Unfortunately, in general, the control flow will only have some restraint to the fast attack flow, but in the face of meat flow and anti control flow, you have to call dad.

Do you know who started the meat flow? You can't imagine it's white eggs that we feed as dog food every day. It's said that there was a big guy who accidentally raised the 5-star white egg to 6-star when upgrading, but he couldn't have the star conversion volume of Shishen. So he raised the 6-star white egg to 40 and took it to the mirror girl. This time, it was out of control and dominated in fighting skills. Of course, we don't recommend you to upgrade 6-star white eggs, because we don't have as many resources as big guys, so we can't afford to play.

In general, we are more familiar with the meat flow God, such as little white fox, rihefang, one eyed monk, Jiaotu, carp essence, peach blossom demon, etc. here, we strongly recommend one eyed monk and carp essence, because the level of R card makes them very easy to raise. But now the carp essence is even stronger than Yimu Lian. Why not choose her? Yu Hun Tong takes mirror Ji. You can also choose a fortune to offer fire to Jiaotu.

There is also a team that opposes control flow. This lineup is actually similar to that of rouliu. Only a few Royal spirits need to be replaced. Generally speaking, it is the common Mu Mei Valley and the quiet sound valley of the minority. You sound Valley needs high effect resistance. When you resist the control skill on the opposite side, you have a 50% chance to be bulletproof to the caster. And the word of Mu Mei is that when being hurt, there is a probability to stun the attacker. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, but both are suitable for anti control flow. Of course, we must not forget that the effect of position 4 must be resisted.

In terms of the main body, the flow of meat in fighting skills or the flow of counter control is still the flow of meat in the final analysis. I hope you can do more research and make the eighth paragraph as soon as possible!