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What is the skin of S15 season? How to get skin of S15 Bull Demon battle

Glory order is a new play method introduced by King glory in S14 season: small partners can complete the battle order task while playing, improve the order level, and obtain the war order reward.

Conscientiously, the rewards of war orders are also very rich. In the season of S14, in addition to the regular permanent heroes and permanent skin, Lvbu's limited skin can be obtained when the battle order reaches level 1, and Zhuge Liang's limited skin can be obtained at level 80.

In the S15 season, level 1 battle order can get Nuwa's permanent limited skin, level 80 battle order can get Dianwei's permanent limited skin blue screen warning. In addition to the two permanent battle order limited skin, AK's star skin is also listed in the list of rewards.

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King's glory has been with us for many days and nights, from S1 season to S14 season. However, S14 season is coming to an end and S15 season is coming.

Whenever the season reset, the official will add some heroes, or skin, the S15 season announcement will be online Nuwa and Niu demon new skin

As for the season skin is the cow demon Yu Jing, as for Nu Wa's new skin is not season skin, but war skin.

Although the king's official claim that these two kinds of skin are brave skin, many friends think that these two kinds of skin have reached the legendary skin level.

S15 season of cattle demon skin - Yujing, temperament to achieve a qualitative leap, from the former warrior temperament into the God of war.

Because this time the cow demon - Royal Jing skin effect uses purple element, and the purple element is a symbol of absolute conquest. From the skin shape, the fierce model, combined with the purple special effect of the long axe, explains the main characteristics of the ancient god of war.

The special effects of cattle and demons are also designed with purple elements in order to make them into the ancient god of war.

For example, the three skills of cattle and demons, the special effect is to rise many purple peaks from the ground, strike the enemy into the air, dizzy the enemy and cause damage.

After seeing this skin, are you already excited? Are you looking forward to the S15 season?