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S15 rank succession King glory S15 section inheritance announcement rules you dropped a paragraph ag

The skin of the S15 season has been officially announced, so the S15 season may start on April 11, when the stage will be inherited and Diamond Award will be released. The rule of segment inheritance can refer to the previous inheritance diagram, and generally will not be changed.

After the end of the S14 season, not only the rank has changed, but also the honor order will be updated. The previous exclusive skin will be removed from the shelves, but it will also return to the field in the form of lottery within a limited time. The new exclusive skin will be online in the near future.

After the Qingming Festival, the new season will start, so the partners take advantage of the last time to score quickly. After all, Huineng may get more rewards for a higher rank. After all, there will be flower diamond activities in the later stage. It's good to save more diamonds to exchange skin fragments!