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King's glory is your rank in trouble? These heroes will help you

In the glory of the king, the most important thing for each partner is the rank score, which also represents your level in the game. Everyone wants to have a higher rank, so it is not so easy to score.

The rank level of many small partners has also reached the peak, so it is more difficult to score. So, is there any way we can quickly improve the rank? I'd like to recommend three heroes to you. If you can really practice them, I believe the king is relatively simple!

First of all, Luna, the first hero, is a relatively old-fashioned hero. During this period, she experienced a redo. At present, the values of this hero are almost the same as most of the heroes in Tianmei's opinion, so there should not be too much change in recent seasons;

But the hero is actually quite abnormal, because his big moves can be directly refreshed through our operation. Therefore, if we can practice Luna's continuous moves and release infinite moves, even if you play five times, it is not impossible.

The second is Houyi, Houyi this hero, I only suggest that you use it in this season, because Houyi can become one of the most powerful heroes because this version of Tianmei strengthens his epic level. Now Houyi, even in the king's game, is no solution. If you use this hero to score up, I believe you will have a lot of time left!

Han Xin is the third hero. Although Han Xin is a crispy hero, his skill operation mechanism is still very powerful. He has the strongest exciting ability in the whole Canyon, so that Han Xin can steal the tower in Shunfeng and break the three routes of soldiers against the wind. Moreover, for players who can play Hanxin as a hero, they can absolutely ignore the existence of teammates and lead the whole king Canyon rhythm to win the game.

The above three are the heroes that I recommend to you. These heroes have their own characteristics. Some of them have become unsolved due to the version enhancement, and some are due to the abnormal skill mechanism. I don't know which hero you like?