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King's glory version updated and weakened heroes list these are going to be ignored

The update of experience clothes has weakened many heroes. Do you like them? Generally speaking, it is more stable to follow the version. Let's see who has weakened this time.

Luna 1

Luna's first and third skill damage is retreated, and the configuration is consistent with the official uniform, which means that there is no change. Second, the shield value of skill 2 has been enhanced from 400 to 500, and the bonus of each level is increased by 20 points, and the bonus of equipment remains unchanged. In this way, Luna's life-saving ability is increased, which makes her not easy to die in group war. The moon girl will fly and recreate the king's Canyon again. Let's wait and see.

2. Sun Shangxiang

Sun Shangxiang this season is a very strong shooter, this time Tianmei has strengthened sun Shangxiang. The CD time of 2 skill becomes shorter, and the additional damage of mark is strengthened again to 100% additional damage. After the adjustment, sun Shangxiang not only pushed the tower fast, hurt the explosion, but also quickly supported his teammates. Will such a terrible big lady be on the ban position in the new season?

3. Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan in the shooter is very cold, in order to improve his playing rate, this time Tianmei has strengthened him. The additional damage of 1 skill to wild monsters has been adjusted from 50% to 100%, and the speed of field brushing has been improved. However, Genghis Khan has no displacement and does not have self-protection ability. Therefore, he needs assistance to protect him all the time. Xiaobian thinks that this adjustment will not improve the appearance rate of Genghis Khan.

4. Lv Bu

Lv Bu belongs to t0 in the soldiers this season. This time, there is no significant adjustment for him. The basic shield value of Lv Bu remains unchanged, and the shield value of each level is reduced from 150 to 140, which has no significant impact on this hero.

5. Chang'e

Although Chang'e's appearance rate in the canyon is not high, this hero is too strong, and Tianmei weakens her this time. 2 skill damage, level bonus and equipment bonus reduced.

6. Yao

Yao's new experience as a Yao hero has been weakened. Yao's great move enchantment return all cooldown time has been reduced from 50% to 30%, which is equivalent to that only 30% of the skill CD can be returned after the attached friendly army.

7. Playing chess

The game star can be called the most miserable hero in the king's Canyon. When it was launched, it was very unpopular, and it was weakened by Tianmei shortly after it was launched. This time, the passive skill of Tianmei game star has been adjusted, and the cooling time has been increased from 90 seconds to 120 seconds. Chess star is originally a cold hero. It seems that he can no longer climb out of the sewer. He is really the most tragic hero in the glory of the king.