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Yin Yang master has a girlfriend. Be careful of your number

Most of them are single dogs, but some have girlfriends. Many people bring their girlfriends into the game. It's too much to scatter dog food. But some players are not so lucky.

Just yesterday, someone posted a post on the forum, saying that his number had been destroyed by his girlfriend. All the imperial spirits, 90% of the type gods, including all SP and SSR, were destroyed, and most of the fragments were transferred to the Liaoyou. According to the subject's description, he played this game for more than 500 days, and the full picture book has been collected. There are three sets of blast wounds and full speed recruitment of positions 1 and 3. Although not top-notch in the whole service, they are also the crystallization of their own efforts. Now they are all destroyed, and when they are miserable, they also fall into confusion. Then they post and ask, "do you still want to play? '

The reason for the time is that the man didn't answer her girlfriend's phone call after he was drunk. Although it's really infuriating to call a couple at night, it's too extreme. Combined with more than 30 phone calls in one night, the desire for control is too strong. It's no wonder that the comments of netizens all the same suggest breaking up. Although the number is precious, it's not the key point. Couples don't understand mutual understanding and respect, which is the source of many contradictions.

Of course, the purpose of this article is not to criticize the player's girlfriend. After all, the conflicts between lovers, family and friends are more private. However, this incident reflects that the whole production team of Yin Yang division does not attach importance to the safety of the game. As mentioned in the previous article, bear kids stole a mobile phone and nearly transferred a player's 6-star Sr, which was caused by the lack of another guarantee besides the account number and password. A game that has been online for many years, and a game that has a very high value even if converted into RMB, there is still no setting similar to the secondary password lock, which is really confusing, I don't know how many similar incidents will take place to attract the official attention?