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The new version of the legend of hearthstone weakens little bald head and becomes a powerful charact

Today, I think the hundreds of millions of players in the legend of hearthstone are very excited. After all, the new version of shadow has been officially launched. In addition to opening the card bag, everyone's first goal must be to go to the ladder to make a dash, and try how much combat power their new card has. Of course, there are some players who haven't had time to build the card deck, and today's furnace stone environment has changed dramatically. So, now Xiaobai will simply analyze the current new version of the environment, and recommend a set of card sets, think that good players can collect ha!

First of all, let's talk about the new environment! I went to about 9:30, because of the limited time and stage, I played about 30 pieces of standard ladder. I feel that the fighters are the most resilient and stable among the nine professions! After all, DKs of all professions fall into the wild mode. Shaman's hagazar and hunter's zuerjin are not enough to see compared with the soldiers' Dr. Bambang. In addition, the winning rate of soldiers on the winning rate table has exceeded 56%! Is the little bareheaded warrior the biggest winner in the new version? Ha ha, if there are players who prefer soldiers, I will recommend this set of cards for Dr. shuangbang.

This set of double slamming card set, as a whole, is a relatively common card set. There is only one new orange card king of explosion slamming, and the new card only has epic weapon sword wrench. Similar to the previous raids with strong attack ability, the other winning point of this set of cards is the output damage of card bombs. Of course, if you think this set of cards is too thin, you can also join the archivist Alicia to expand the library.

Let's talk about the new environment. Now it seems that the hunter's heat is totally weak. Compared with the two months before, the green rexa is not the same. There is also a strength visible to the naked eye weakened, should be the Warlock. After all, in DK's retreat environment, sorcerer Guldan should suffer the most damage. Those new orange cards can't support a reliable set of cards.

Compared with the small skinhead warriors, the strength of mages and knights on the ladder is not very strong! The following routine of mages is not stable, and the death of MAGE DK makes Gianna almost unable to survive in the later stage. It's a big problem for Knight's Secret routine to pass the card. If the scene is solved before Fife, the paladin is almost waiting for the rhythm of death. Knights without divine grace are really weak in believing in Rangoon.