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What is the relationship between mink cicada and Zhao Zilong? Who does the ancient mink cicada like?

In the romance of the Three Kingdoms, the image of Diaochan is gradually clear. She is Wang Yun's servant girl. When Dong Zhuo usurps the throne and hopes to share the worries for Wang Yun, Diaochan becomes Wang Yun's adopted daughter, and then a series of tricks that we are familiar with happen. But is there really a lot of questions in the history of mink cicada? There have been several men in his life. Do mink cicadas really like people?

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Mink cicada can be among the four beauties in ancient times, but it is different from the other three beauties.

In history, Dong Zhuo had a maid who had feelings with Lv Bu. It's not clear whether this maid is Diao Chan. What's her name is not recorded. However, some people said that the maid was Diao Chan, and later became Dong Zhuo's concubine. It is reported that there is a mink cicada cemetery in Lintao, Gansu Province. It is understandable that Dong Zhuo's woman was buried in his hometown after her death. But some people have questioned this, not to mention the time when the Diao cicada tombstone, but the ancient Lintao is not the current Lintao County, there are great differences in this.

Mink cicada later became concubine of Lv Bu, who had a wife and daughter, but no record was made of the information. Later, it was suggested that Lv Bu's wife might be Wei. Although Diao Chan can be Lu Bu's concubine, in the ancient surname, Diao Chan is not really a surname. Diao Chan is usually an ornament on the head of officials. From here, we can see that there is no Diao Chan in history.

Diao Chan circled between Dong Zhuo and Lv Bu, which made the two people quarrel, while Wang Yun sat at a high place to watch. Diao Chan shoulders a heavy responsibility from then on. In fact, this section is also funny. The huge affairs of the court depend on a little girl to turn things around. Mink cicada is destined to be a tool for men to earn power, and the final result can be imagined.

After Lv Bu's death, Diao Chan was given to Guan Yu by Cao Cao. Throughout Diao Chan's life, she was part of the performance of her feelings. In fact, her heart died early.