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Naruto hand Tour S1 season release ban still how to get Ss Ninja Scorpio?

The new version of "Naruto ol" is released today, and the new SS Level Ninja Scorpio is free of charge. "Naruto ol" mobile game will usher in the Ninja today & middot; no ban season new season version online, a large number of new playing methods simultaneous debut. It is reported that the future version of the season will replace the previous version of the update, each season has a new play content, there are many welfare activities. S1 season has brought 'endless domain' playing method, 'ornament' system, 'battle pass' playing method and new fashion' night cherry whispering '. Most importantly, unlock season pass and get a new SS Ninja Scorpio [100 machine drill] for free. Let's learn how to get it.

[Combat pass] in this season cycle, you can obtain pass experience by completing daily and weekly tasks, challenging the arena and endless fields, and upgrade 'combat pass' to get rich rewards at different levels.

The combat pass can be divided into two different value rewards: silver and gold. The combat pass needs to be purchased and opened. By default, the silver reward is opened. The gold reward value is higher, but it needs to be opened separately. Players who open gold pass can get silver and gold rewards at the same time every time they upgrade their pass. If you think the upgrade speed is too slow, players can buy the pass level directly to speed up the upgrade. Players can purchase gold pass directly through [purchase pass]. The new version also provides you with surprise benefits. In order to celebrate the opening of the game of battle pass, we will carry out the limited check-in activity of pass from 5:00 on February 28 to 5:00 on May 1. You can get rich rewards such as seal scroll, pass experience, etc. by checking in every day. The golden pass can be obtained for 14 days. If you have purchased the gold qualification certificate in advance when you obtain the free qualification, you will be given 888 yuan!

The rewards of pass are all inclusive, not only can you get a lot of VIP experience, awakening materials, binding Yuanbao and other rewards, but also high-value rewards such as fragments of SS Ninja Scorpio [100 machine drill].

Comments on the collocation of SS Ninja Scorpio

As mentioned above, the SS Ninja Scorpio [100 machine drill], what is his strength?

As an advanced version of S-level Ninja Scorpio, SS Level Ninja Scorpio is more powerful. It not only has a considerable 'six-dimensional attribute', but also is good at playing with puppets. Once all five puppets are summoned, the attribute increase of Scorpio's' hundred machine exercise 'can reach the extreme, which can destroy the enemy.

If you want to make good use of Scorpio's ability, you need to choose three reliable teammates for him. Because Scorpio is a ninja with fire attribute, his lineup can be from the pupil of red lotus, toad immortal himself, genius Ninja yuzhibo weasel. In addition, in view of the advantages of Scorpio's [100 machine drill], you can also choose to join the 'high combo' lineup, which is mainly composed of high-speed dancers + Yu Zhibo weasels + hiningci [youth chapter]. Scorpio [100 machine drill] can also be matched with water Lord's blue teeth. Scorpio [100 machine drill] + every day [fast wind] + cold face painted man Kan Jiulang [fast wind]. The double poison ability of the two ninjas in this line-up comes from the passive poison quenching of the blue teeth. As long as the two ninjas stand in a vertical row, they can all cause 'poisoning' in the physical damage.

[night cherry whisper] free reception, important things say three times!

By upgrading the pass level, players can get the optional gift bag of fashion, activate the gold pass and reach the corresponding level to get three sets of permanent fashion.

The new fashion will be divided into 5 sets. Each protagonist has a new fashion shape. According to the characteristics of each protagonist's attributes and skills, the new equipment can also have attribute bonus.