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Dafen once again visits krkpl King's Canyon and performs another five kill attack

Glory of the king of the game the popularity of this game has also led to the vigorous development of the anchor industry. Many anchors earn a lot of money from this king boom, but the anchor industry is also a fish and dragon environment. Some anchors make money by selling color and making gimmicks, while some anchor conquers fans by strength. In the past 2018, the top anchor has been shuffled.

BT game used to be the decline of the king and his brother, which made him confused. Today, brother panda ranks the comprehensive strength according to the subjective view from the four famous anchors we are familiar with, so who are the king and his brother? Let's take a look.

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Fourth place: Sao Bai

Sao Bai's comprehensive strength is not weak. Hua Mulan and Li Bai are also his heroes. They have set a record of 261 consecutive victories. Zhang Daxian was once overshadowed by the limelight. However, this year's scandal of spending money to hire actors has made his fame plummet. His real strength has also been questioned. Although he has not been lower than the top two in the major anchor rankings this year, his character is also a part of his strength Therefore, brother panda ranked him fourth.

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Third place: Zhang Daxian

As a senior anchor of King glory, Daxian is worthy of ranking ahead of Sao Bai in all aspects. After all, the humorous and funny style of live broadcast of Daxian has become a school of its own, and he has accumulated popularity for many years. However, Zhang Daxian's technology is high and low, which is extremely unstable, mainly related to his mood. Based on Zhang Daxian's several times of cutting his feet this year Therefore, the first fragrance sister of douyu is ranked third.

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Second place: Dream tears

Han Xin, the soul of Ag super game, is famous all over the world. He is called the tears of dreams of faith by countless players. The live experience of tears of dreams is the least of the four, but the popularity and topic since the start of the broadcast are unstoppable, because tears of dreams are made famous by playing wild positions, so his comprehensive strength in other positions remains to be discussed, but tears of dreams, an absolute dark horse, will be discussed in 2019 The year will certainly impact the status of the king!

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First place: sword immortal

Jianxian's performance in this year was standard, no big mistake, and no big surprise, but the most powerful killer of Jianxian is stability! The number of people watching the live broadcast is stable, the technology of live broadcast is stable, and the common way of dealing with people is also stable. Based on Jianxian, Li Bai was certified as the first Li Bai by the official website, and his Diaochan and Luna also played a magic trick Hua, so today brother panda gave him the title of brother Wang Zhe.