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What do you think of the king's glory Zhonglan buff for Zhongdan or for the wild

In the glory of the king, each position is different. It is the best for the whole team to perform their own duties. Only by doing their own things in their own positions can we win the war.

As the leader of the team's early rhythm, as well as the reaper in the back row of the group war, the role of the assassin in the whole game is very obvious. Therefore, whether the assassin can develop well is very important for a game. As for whether the fighting field can develop well, the experience, economy and buff gain of the field area are of great importance to him, but in many cases, the fighting field often has a dispute with the Middle Road, and the focus of the dispute is the ownership of his own blue buff.

After killing the blue buff, the player can obtain a buff state called the power of the blue stone. This buff state can last for 70 seconds. In this 70 seconds, the cooldown of the player's skills will be reduced by 20% and the mana will be restored by 2% every second.

From the functional description of this state, it's just for Zhongdan mage. For the medium and single mages who rely on skill damage completely, the effect of reducing CD and returning blue is very powerful, which can not only consume more opponents in the line phase, but also release more skills and play more damage in the group war.

However, playing field also attaches great importance to Yu Lan buff, not only because of the experience and economy provided by LAN buff in the early stage of playing field, but also because of the CD reduction and blue back effect provided by LAN buff. Among the king's glory, the effect of reducing cooldown provided by blue buff is common to all heroes, which means that even heroes without mana value can also get the effect of reducing cooldown, which is the most important thing for heroes in the field.

As the main fighting force of the early wandering and the harvest of the regiment war, the task of fighting in the field is to play the extreme outbreak in a short time, which is extremely dependent on the cooperation of the CD reduction effect provided by blue buff. It can be said that the fighting with blue buff and without blue buff is totally two heroes.

For example, if the current version of the very popular wild hero nakelu does not have the cooperation of blue buff, he may only be able to enter the field once in a group battle, and if he has the cooperation of blue buff, he can use the cooperation of 1 / 2 skills for many times to make multiple burst damage and win the group war, and nakelu's skills are very blue consuming, without the cooperation of blue buff, he can Can't clear the field quickly, let alone in the case of no blue to swim and group war.

Even if you are a wild hero like AK who has no mana value, the CD reduction effect of blue buff is also very dependent, so even if you let the red buff go to the shooter position, you will not let the blue buff go to the middle position.

Midfield players think that giving up the first blue buff to Da Ye, all the blue buffs behind belong to them, while Da Ye thinks that I am the gank engine, and the rhythm and killing task of the whole game are all on me, so I deserve to get every blue buff. In this case, the middle Road and Da Ye will have a dispute because of blue buff, and even one side will hang up or give away the head Of.

In fact, no matter in the middle or in the wild, the ultimate goal is to win the game, so both sides can reasonably discuss and make appropriate choices in different situations. Of course, if you can go together to reverse each other 's blue BUFF, this is the most perfect result.

I don't know if the players have ever met the situation that the middle road and douye lost the game because of robbing the blue buff, and whether the players, as douye, will give up the blue buff to the middle road?