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King glory fans invent King idiom brain hole amazing

The game of King rongyaozhong has been popular for a long time, and there are many fans of true love. It's necessary to say that many players love the game. No, some players have created a bunch of King idioms. Let's have a look.

Recently, a series of 'King idioms' have been created by players, which belong to the interpretation and understanding of the game of King glory. A large number of netizens have said that the content is very real after watching it. Let's have a look. First: 'black sheep'. In the king's Canyon, it means choosing Marco Polo as a player will hurt his teammates. Since Marco Polo was cut, the playing rate is really low, and it is difficult for players to use him to make damage.

After many players get Marco Polo, they don't know how to play damage. Marco Polo's development period is very long. He didn't do any damage in the early stage. He was almost moved, and his teammates were easily arrested and abandoned without protection. So many players don't play Marco Polo. This player directly interprets the idiom "thousands of troops, thousands of horses". 1000 super soldiers can hit 10000 Marco Polo's injuries. This should be the worst time that Marco Polo was hacked. It's too heartfelt.

Third: 'doubt'. Similar to Marco Polo's experience, Han Xin, a hero, is also the object of his teammates' diss and ridicule after being selected. There has always been a saying in King's Canyon: "ten Han Xin and nine pits". Therefore, many players can't help but doubt that he is a pit when they see that his teammates choose to fight against Han Xin. Although they expect him to be a big guy, most of the results in the game are also good It's all pits.

Fourth: 'wenbujia point'. It means that in the match, Cai Wenji does not leave Garro as an assistant step, and then Garro is responsible for the output. The hero's characteristics are as follows: his hands are long and his injuries are high, but there is no displacement and his body is fragile. There is only one way to die when he is covered by an assassin. Need the protection of teammates very much, Cai Wenji is a very good combination with Garro.

Fifth: 'teacher of the future'. The combination of Houyi and mingshiyin is very common in the match. Houyi, a hero, has the same explosive output as Garro, but his body is fragile and there is no displacement at the same time. With the help of mingshiyin, it can increase his movement speed, and at the same time, it can give him back blood to ensure Houyi's survival ability and endurance. Who knows the strength of this combination. However, this combination needs Houyi players to be very good at playing. Otherwise, it's double crisp. Send double kill to each other.

The sixth: "face yellow, Ji Shou.". It refers to the combination of Huang Zhong and Zhen Ji. When Huang Zhong opens, it's easy to be cut by the hero of the other side. At this time, Zhen Ji can put a big move to protect Huang Zhong and freeze the other side at the same time. However, if you cooperate with Huang Zhong, everyone thinks Wang Zhaojun is better than Zhen Ji. Zhen Ji's big move has a chance to freeze people, but the flash is easy to leave. Wang Zhaojun's skills are better in comparison.

How about these idioms? Are they all true? They all reflect the truth of the game in the glory of the king. I have to admire the brain holes of netizens. Do you know any other 'King idioms'?