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The king glorifies these mages. Their technical requirements are very high. Can you play

Many people in the king's glory like mages. If you want to play well, you need technology. Here are a few heroes who rely heavily on operation technology.

1. Zhong Kui, Zhong Kui's hook is very frightening in the canyon. In the early stage, he frantically harassed the enemy's fighting field, making the opponent unable to develop normally, especially against the fighting field of blue Kai, which is very effective. But this hook is not so easy to catch, it needs to be predicted, so it needs a high awareness. When playing the ball, you can hook each other's crispy skin from the side. A set of seconds is very easy. He also has a very coquettish operation, which is matched with Daqiao's spring water combination, which is disgusting.

2. I don't know the fire dance. Although the mage didn't appear in the passers-by's ranking a lot, he was a very popular hero in the professional competition. It's easy to operate and can't be controlled. Sometimes he even killed himself. Her set of skills can harvest two or three from the opposite side. But it's hard to connect the skills. You have to let the two skills hit first to operate better. If you can't hit, just rest. After each beating, the direction must be well controlled for better harvesting.

3. Mink cicada, this hero is more beautiful. In the early stage, it was fast to clear the line. If the opposite mage was a heavy hero without displacement, then mink cicada would surely be able to crush the opposite middle single. Through one or two skills, it can suppress the enemy very well. After level 4, mink cicadas can hit two or one. With the flexibility of big moves to reduce CD time and skills, they can fly the whole field. In the later stage, if there is blue, one dozen and five are very easy to win.

4. Luna, the hero has never touched a leaf in the flowers. Show to this extent that must be fast hand ah, although Luna is a wizard, but she is not suitable for the Middle Road, before the fourth level is very difficult to defend. So now Luna is mostly fighting against the wild. As long as she reaches level 4, she can make full use of wild monsters and soldiers to complete the infinite company. It's very difficult for Luna to kill the enemy in seconds. If she wants to kill the enemy in seconds, she has to operate in a row. Once she breaks, she will be picked up by the enemy.