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The winning rate of these five heroes is as high as 90%

Wang rongyaozhong, many players are worried about the score, and it's hard to fight when they meet teammates. Those who want to score must not miss these heroes!

Worried about not being able to share? Try these five heroes who win 90% of the game!

Lv Bu:

In this version, Lv Bu becomes Tianmei's son. Although it seems that there is no change, it is actually secretly modified by the official and becomes very strong. 1 skill has real damage, 2 skill can return blood and add shield, especially under pressure, and one big move is like a ghost falling from the sky, a group war killer.

At present, Ali's experience in the king's game, Lv Bu's appearance rate is also very high, in the high segment of the winning rate is also up to 90%. As long as you are proficient in this hero and have a stronger consciousness, it's really easy to rush to the king.

Shangguan Wan'er:

At present, he is also a hero with no solution in the king's Bureau. Basically, he can't find any way to restrain himself. Therefore, he is also banned and has been in ban for many years. Although the hero needs some difficulty in operation, but even the moves are just a set. You can be proficient with more practice in the training camp. It's better to start.

As long as you learn this hero, it's really as simple as drinking water, but it's only limited to the king level. After all, in the king section, no one is willing to let her shine on the stage.


A hero underestimated by players, including in the past, a Li also thought that dunshan was too wasteful. But in my recent ranking, I found its strength. Dunshan has never been just a hero who can only hold his shield foolishly. Its main function is to resist the flying skills in the regiment war, and at the same time use his own shield and big moves to block the enemy in the dead corner.

To play this hero, you need to have a good understanding of the group war, but you don't have much technical requirements. As long as we master this point, in the king's section, the winning rate will not be less than 90%. Of course, this hero, like Wan'er, is almost forbidden.

Zhuang Zhou:

Like dunshan, many players have some misunderstandings about the hero, but in fact, he is not just a giant beast. Although it seems unclear, Zhuang Zhou's skills are not vague at all, and the design is very delicate. In particular, the big move is simply the group war purifier, which contacts more than 90% of the control skills, making the opponent's offensive collapse instantly and become a mess of mud.

Moreover, Zhuang Zhou is outstanding in both defense and damage, and is very suitable to play the role of a scumbag in the League war.

Di Renjie:

Which hero is the best shooter to score? Some people think it's Garro and some people think highly of sun Shangxiang, but in fact, the most unexplained one is di Renjie. Especially in the high segment, di Renjie is both offensive and defensive, and the output effect of the regiment war is explosive.

Because of the 2 skills, di Renjie can quickly get out of the battlefield and avoid being controlled directly. And the big move can also be used to fight back or first, stun the enemy directly, and then hit tons of damage. And the hero's ability to dismantle the tower is also very good, and he will not particularly eat the economy, and will be able to develop in the medium term.

In the king's game, although Di Renjie's current appearance rate is not particularly high, his winning rate is still quite amazing.

If you are worried because you can't score, try these five heroes who win 90% of the game. I'm sure you will get unexpected results.