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Why does Zhang Daxian quit fighting fish and move to a new platform?

With the increasing recognition of E-sports by the public, and the development of the host industry, the game host has become a very popular existence. They become popular in this way, and then get the support of fans, which is also an influential existence. Zhang Daxian believes that everyone is familiar with him. He is a game host of King glory.

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At first, he signed up for the platform of fighting fish, and then as a game host technology, it is still very online, and there will be many fans watching every live broadcast. However, the popularity of Zhang Daxian has fallen a lot recently. The number of live viewers is quite different from that before. He also suffered a period of suspension before, during which he began to seek new development for himself.

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A few days ago, he also announced his new platform on Weibo, but this incident also caused controversy on the Internet, although the new platform he joined is really reliable. After he left the fish fight, he joined the "King camp", the official assistant of King glory. This software uses loyal players of king, so it's really a good platform for the host.

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But many netizens are angry with Zhang Daxian for forgetting his origin, because after all, he was aroused by fighting fish, and then he was known by everyone. But now because of the conflict with douyu, the signing of a new platform failed to get together with the old owners, which made many people dissatisfied. At the beginning, douyu was very popular with Zhang Daxian, and sat in the position of the first brother of douyu.

However, fans think Zhang Daxian is right. After all, douyu has done a lot of bad things to Zhang Daxian. For personal development, Zhang Daxian can find another way out. Since we can cooperate with the king's official platform, why not? What's your opinion on this?