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Heartfelt activity of updating the new version of furnace stone legend

The new version of hearthstone is about to be launched. This time, the official is full of benefits and sincerity. Let's see what benefit activities will be released in this update.

As long as you log in to the game, you can now get a legend orange card for free, just like the original version of marlin in the dog head version, which can be used in advance. Compared with Marin, the effect of this card is easier to be added to the card group, especially with the specified spell, or even with different fancy killing methods, such as the priest's mind blast and the shadow attack of the stalker.

However, how can an orange card meet the needs of furnace friends? Blizzard officials consider that the new version needs more free activities, so now there are activities to log in different devices to get different card backs. As long as you log in with three different clients Android, apple and computer during the activity, you can get three different card backs.

Wait, you think this new version of benefits is over? In fact, Blizzard also has a final welfare card, which is the super value shadow collection after the new version goes online. Because some players are not satisfied with the fact that furnace stone can only buy one pre purchase collection, so furnace stone has launched a new collection of blood loss: players can buy the shadow collection at an extra price from April 10 to 15, get 9 points of Olympic dust, give 9 bags of shadow rising card pack and 1 ticket for competitive mode. Generally speaking, the super collection of hearthstone is absolutely blood earning for players.