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You can't miss the four masters of yin and Yang fighting

Many players of yin and Yang division like to fight in the arena. In this game, which Shishen belong to the big God in the arena? Let me have a look.

First: poison

This type of God was ridiculed as a happy girl, the single poison damage is not very high. Only when she appears in groups can she have high indirect damage. If you have any copies that can't pass, it's certain that you can pass by to practice a group of poison. Everyone is so described. You can't feel the happiness of cultivating poison. One poison doesn't hurt, two poisons barely output, and three poisons let you output the explosive watch.

Second: black boy

I believe that you have realized the difficulty of the true snake copy. It is absolutely hell level. I believe that even now there are still many players who have not passed the customs. If this is the case, then we must practice a black boy. This Shishen is the key to pass the real snake. However, it is difficult to cultivate black children, so we need to be prepared.

Third: Jiaotu

Many of the copies need to be spiced and drawn. After all, although this type of God is r card, it is very important. Her chain is also the killer of the monomer output God, and it has certain healing and acceleration effects. The most eye-catching part of the prettier chain is that it can trigger the passivity of the spirit controlling and Shishen. With prettier, many systems can be created.

Fourth: Cherry Blossom demon

We all know how terrible the cherry demon is in the high-end arena. In the replica, the cherry demon is also very strong. After all, a team can't lack a nurse no matter what, the cherry blossom demon is such a Shishen. Moreover, the output of the cherry demon is not low, and it can also restrain the milk on the opposite side, which is a necessary type of God