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King glory S15 will be punished if it is reopened maliciously

King glory confirmed on the official website today that the 5th permanent skin of Di Renjie can be obtained free of charge. Tianmei has increased the credit score level to 5, and then it can be obtained free of charge. In the last article, Xiaoqi has introduced it in detail. You can pay attention to Xiaoqi in the game and have a look. This time, in addition to the adjustment of credit score, you can maintain the fairness of the game and punish those who hang up As a summoner, Tianmei also sets the "reopen rule optimization" and "never surrender" settings.

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'reopen the rules' at present, the king's glory official service has already been online. I believe that many little friends have experienced it. There are still many unreasonable places. For example, they have not yet started to choose heroes. In the stage of banning heroes, they discuss what you want to play and what I want to play. Some people say that they want to play mages. Suddenly, the first Summoner who chooses heroes directly robs mages the mages. The people behind are not satisfied , that is to say, reopen, all choose mages, let the game exit and match again, which not only affects the game experience, but also wastes the time of friends. Haven't you seen the combination of double skills and double shooters?

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It seems that the system will forbid you to start the ranking within 5 minutes after many times of reopening the game. This new version will cancel the reopening mechanism of the peak game, and very much agree with Tianmei's practice. Since it has reached the king's level, do you have the points in your mind and heart, choose randomly and blindly, and deliberately compete with others for heroes? It's not a matter. The key is to rob or rob. At least you should play well, which Xiaoqi despises the most One kind of player is to rob heroes, such as doubles field, double technique and double shooter. At least you don't have a hole. As a result, the hole is going to die and the head is given away. Fortunately, the Welfare Bureau, no matter how much fun you play, will have such people.

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This time, Tianmei optimizes the rules of the recruitment mode of the qualifying competition. If it starts the competition maliciously, it will be punished by the credit score of the system, or even banned. So what to choose depends on the team. This is a team game. It's not a one-man game. People who don't choose heroes for half a day hate it. They don't know what to play. How powerful are you, or do you want to trap people? You can either help your teammates to fight for heroes, or you can make up for the lack of heroes in the team.

In addition to the above optimization, Tianmei's new "never surrender" setting is also very good. It's annoying to encounter a "never surrender" setting. You've been asked to manually refuse to surrender. Now, you can set "auto refuse to surrender" in the basic setting to turn on, because in the competition, your surrender will affect the mood of other small partners. As long as you try your best to compete, miracles will always happen Yes, there will be. A reversal is the happiest moment.