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The king glorifies these heroes without flash. Have you ever been recruited

King glory is now playing more and more players, more and more pit teammates, many people don't need to open the game to know if teammates are pit, why? It's very simple. Many heroes that need to be flashed are pits if you don't.

Su lie: Su lie is a more powerful hero. He can not only use his good control skills to be a good assistant, but also use his good displacement and damage in the compression line on the road. At the same time, Su lie in the League war can play a very important role. Why flash is very important for Su lie? First of all, Su lie has enough control on his own. He doesn't need to bring auxiliary dizziness. In addition, Su lie's 3 and 2 skills are more powerful when combined with flash release, so flash is essential.

Taiyi: it's also a kind of hero that can be assisted. It's terrible that Donghuang relies on the ability of returning blood from the French ball. Donghuang is a natural group war hero. 12 skills can play an important role in the group war. The control of 3 skills is more powerful. Although it's single control, it takes a long time. If you cooperate with the flash, you can control the opponent in the group war instantly Platoon or assassin, in addition, due to the limited displacement of the Emperor himself, flash can also better protect the shooter closer.

Dharma: Dharma is a warrior hero who can resist and fight. Dharma who can play can often choose one hero from another. Flash is more like a show operation for Dharma, but the effect of flash is not bad in chasing people and cooperating with big moves to stun the enemy.

Hua Mulan: speaking of the importance of flash to Hua Mulan, I think many netizens who can play know it. A Mulan without flash is soulless. After all, the Mulan skill and flash match after opening up is simply too strong.

Lv Bu: Lv Bu is also a hero with high popularity. As a warrior with real injury effect, Lv Bu is very advantageous in both the back row and the front row. Lv Bu with flash not only comes and goes more freely, but also controls the casting distance of a skill by using flash. If he can play, the effect is really strong