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Do you know all the skills and costumes of the king glorifying the Soviet Union

Su lie is a hero who is easy to play an advantage in the early stage, which allows players to give priority when they want to play in the early stage of the lineup. There are also a lot of little friends who are not clear about Su lie's team fighting skills, so let's analyze his outfit and team fighting skills for you.

Su lie's skill passivity is a resurrection armour. If you want to get up quickly, you need teammates to step on the lamp. Otherwise, you are a wooden man. It's two-way to light the lamp and return blood to Su lie. Su lie and his teammates will recover their lives. One skill, strengthening the third attack will trigger the range attack and fly, but the third attack can be combined with the big move to hit and fly twice. Two skills, similar to one of Xiang Yu's skills, will cause additional damage and control effect when pushed to the wall. You can also cooperate with the flash to push people. For details, refer to one flash of Xiang Yu, which can also cause damage to the defense tower. Su lie used to push quickly before. Big move, the longer the power storage time is, the greater the damage and range are, and it will be interrupted during the power storage period, so it is better to use it together with flash. The passive big move is similar to fire armor, which can cause damage to the defense tower

In the early stage, Su lie mainly helped to clear the line and fight for the Middle Road, and then quickly rose to 4. Then he could catch a wave of Xiaolong road. Later, he could open the Dragon Road depending on the situation. It's usually difficult for a team of Su lie to open the Dragon road. If it's robbed, it might also be stuck in the Dragon pit and be encircled. Later, Su lie could follow the back row for protection, use two skills to open the distance between the local assassin and his own output position, or use big moves depending on the situation Open a group, big move with 2 skills can easily break up the opposite side, making it easier for your side to harvest and grasp the single.

Su lie's boots of learning gem resistance: red lotus Cape, the devil's Cape bully's heavy anti injury armor / ice heart inscription recommend blue and green, void and red destiny