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How to be a big man

Many novices are attracted by the picture of yin and Yang teacher. As a result, after downloading it, how can they play? It's so complicated. It doesn't matter. Here is an advanced strategy for you.

1. Captain dog food

For novice players, it's normal that there is no senior God at the beginning. For novice players, what you need at the beginning is a captain of dog food that you can play, so what is the captain of dog food? In the early stage of the game, you need to have enough low-level full level gods to rise to the stars, and then you need to have a strong enough output God to continuously upgrade with four low-level gods to meet your demand for dog food. For novices, it's hard to have a high-level God to bring dog food in the early stage, so today I would like to recommend a very good leader of R dog food: Crow dog, which can be used to carry mountain rabbits, army figurines, seat for children and other dog food, which will be of great use in the future.

2. Yinyangliao

Having said that, Captain dog food, say again that yinyangliao is very important for novices. Many novice players will ignore the importance of yinyangliao and do not choose or choose one at will, but the old players know how important it is to choose a good yinyangliao. For novices, don't blindly pursue the top ranked yinyangliao. People don't need you either. It's good to choose yinyangliao, which is ranked between 50 and 100. The welfare clearance is also relatively leisurely. There is nothing you need to do.

3. Visiting teachers

After finishing yinyangliao, one of the things novice players have to do is to go to school. As for the worship, it's the same as the choice of yinyangliao. Don't pursue those high-level masters. They don't have time to take you. If you meet a master who is also busy practicing trumpets in the new area, you should wait to cry. If you want to find a master, you must find a master who will control you and help you grow. Of course, if you want to find a master, you must listen to the command of others. If you fish for three days and bask in the net for two days, then the best master will not care about you.

4. Awakening

When the above tasks are completed, you need to be well prepared in the early stage to wake up some dog food and output gods you have. The snow girl official who is easy to use in the early stage will help you wake up. You need to worry about it. So in the early stage of the game, you need to wake up your dog food and some main output gods. At this time, there is a problem involved, that is, physical strength, before the game Period, don't waste gouyu on constantly drawing cards, it doesn't make much sense. It's better to replace all gouyu with physical strength to fight the awakening copy. Then you will have a pile of perfect dog food. After your level goes up in the middle of the game, as long as you draw a high-level Shishen, it's your day of carp leaping to the dragon's gate.